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  • Well I miss you too!

    Did you decide if you're coming back down to FL in the winter?
    Dot. So much new music for you. If you haven't already listened to these people, you should, soon:

    Nickel Creek ("When You Come Back Down," "The Fox")
    Yonder Mountain String Band ("Half Moon Rising")
    Blitzen Trapper ("Furr")
    Hello to you, too, sweet Dottie. :kiss:
    I was thinking of you....I was just in your neck of the woods doing the Philly college search. :lol:
    Hope you are well!!
    Love you!
    Dot, hope you and George have a fantastic trip. Give Mickey a hug for us. Can't wait to hear about it when you get back. :kiss:
    Dottie! :)
    I miss you, sorry I haven't kept in touch.
    I ended up getting a job this summer, and I've been so busy!
    How are you?!
    OMG, I was typing you a PM at the exact same time you were leaving a message on my profile.... freaky. :lol: :kiss:

    Yes, it feels good to open up and let stuff pour out. I am a person that puts my passion into everything that I do, especially everything artistic, so this was something that was easy and simple for me to write, even though my emotions at that time were complex.
    Thank you very much. :)
    I was missing a few people who mean a lot to me in my life and was stuck in the car for several hours. I wrote it in there, contemplating what my life would mean without them. :)
    You CAN drive 55... :lookaroun Happy birthday, Dot! Your words have helped me through many tough times more than you`ll ever know.
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