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  • Yay! I'll send you a friend request.

    No, I don't know of anywhere else to find the orange chicken. Guess you'll just have to wait till you get back to EPCOT! lol
    Tati! Great to hear from you! And biggest congratulations on your pregnancy. That is big news, indeed! Do you have a Facebook page? If not, let us continue to keep in touch here.
    Oh Tati...I thought maybe you made the "big move." :( Hope things get better for you. :kiss:
    Tati! Don't know if you're still around here...and it not, where are you???...but Happy Birthday!!!!
    Well you follow that dream and when you get there, dream that those of us up in the cold midwest in the winter win the lottery and move to Orando too lol
    I hope that when you move to Orlando area that all goes well.I love visiting Florida and I truly think in your line of work and the booming housing down there that as a teacher you will have job security.Good luck to your husband in his searcch as well.I am sure that he will find a decent job.Where I work we have a huge Spanish workforce that doesn't speak English but it works and our company does well.Just make sure to do reseacrch and maybe apply before officially moving.

    Good Luck!
    E aí, garota, como você tá? E essa garotona aí?

    Eu praticamente não freqüento mais o fórum. Ficou deprimente demais ler sobre coisas que estreavam e acabavam sem eu nem ver. Então, vou acompanhando só as notícias mesmo, com podcasts e tal. Fora que os dramas por aqui tavam insuportáveis, o pessoal sempre discutindo os mesmo assuntos, fiquei sem paciência. Então, só apareço pros aniversários. :D
    Well E.Chicago is northern IN but I am in the middle of the state.Either way I hope your brother will love the state and become a honorary Hoosier.I am glad you got your computer all fixed too.Glad to have you back!
    Nice meeting you Tati! As far as indiana goes I love it! I work for a major sporting good company called Finish Line as a Loss Prevention worker.I work at the corporate offices in Indianapolis. I audit stores around the country from a computer by watching video all day.So what city is your brother moving too?
    That is great that you are moving there! I have lived my whole life in Indiana but love to visit Florida yearly.I hope you will enjoy living there year round.BTW I am Kelly
    Well I think the next time i will be there is January.I stay at my dads house so it is generally a cheap trip! Thank you for accepting my add btw
    Aww.glad she loved it..:)

    Maggie is great..will be 3 in August and is a rotten lil girlie..:)

    We went to WDW in March and she loves it also..:)
    Hi..It was great..had fun with friends..Thanks..:)
    How is your cutie doing?..getting big I bet..:)

    Oh and you pick a picture you want and go to user cp and customize your profile anyway you want..:)

    It is easy once you get the hang of it..:)
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