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  • I will, I promise! And I do need to clear my PM's, but I can never decide which ones to let go. I have so many sweet exchanges that mean so much...plus I am a pack rat : ). I plan on doing a major pic upload tonight so I should have something up either tonight or tomorrow.

    Love you! XOXO
    OMG Luke. :lol:

    We all know who the good would be. *points to us girls* :king:

    The bad, well....:lookaroun

    Ugly isn't applicable here.
    Is the title of that movie how you're characterizing this little exchange between you, Nicole, and myself?

    Wait. So. Let me get this straight...

    Are you trying to say that I'm bad?
    You're right. I know exactly what I am: the innocent victim.

    Dot, it has been a very long time since anyone has said hi to you one here. So I will make it a very short time.

    Ooh, Dot.

    Eat. No s. Just Eat. Jimmy Eat World.

    Hope you like my rec's!

    Music alert: You've probably heard of Jimmy Eat World, but if you haven't (or even if you have), check out their album "Chase This Light." Specifically, the songs "Chase This Light," "Big Casino," "Always Be," and "Dizzy."
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