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  • So weird...talking to a brick. :lookaroun

    Anyway...thank you, dear Luke. I will listen.

    Hope all is going well with you. :kiss:
    I haven't posted on this thing in over a month. I've missed this wall.

    Hello, wall de Luke.
    Then I'd have to find someone else to take your place. Someone nicer. Someone ten times better.

    That would be most awesome. It's not looking good as of now, but who knows?

    I WILL, WILL, WILL listen.
    I have already listened to the others you just recommended, and I especially like Nickel Creek!
    I will certainly try.
    I'd love to spend some time with you and hear all about this amazing year you're having.
    Our original plan was to stay into the first week of January, but now we're thinking we'd make this a shorter trip so we can afford to go back over the winter months. But, we are driving down in December which makes things more flexible, so there's always the chance we'll decide to stay longer.
    I hate the thought of missing you...and Nicole will be there, too. Bah. Maybe they'll have a blizzard up here while we're down there and we'll just have to stay. :lol:
    You didn't know that? :lol: Yup, that's her name!

    And how funny! We have good taste in naming dogs. :D
    I love the costume and would totally go in it, but it barely covers my ______. That doesn't quite work in freezing temps. :lol:

    I watched part of that a few weeks ago, btw. Very cool! And Braveheart...:lol: I like it! Very non traditional. :lol:
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