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  • thanks Mad!
    Nice weekend getaway....desperately needed
    Good to see the Rays pull it out, now up to chilly Philly.
    Mad, just a quick note to let you know that Tramp could use some prayers and good wishes from us, as he is recovering from cancer surgery. Pass it on; we "oldtimers" have to watch out for each other. Marcia
    I promise, we didn't complain to the front desk staff, we just asked if we could have a towel animal & they were great to send us one.
    One day we arrived back at our room to discover that some of our stuffed animals were hanging from the lights above the beds & the others were arranged on one of the beds w/ the remote watching the WDW channell - it was too cute!
    I think our problem was that we were lucky enough to have many displays done for us on our previous trips & we were just expecting the same, which we now know is not the norm. That is why we were a little disappointed - not mad.
    All of our mousekeepers were great - we talked to them almost daily & they kept our room very clean.
    One of them told us that she was planning to attend the class where they learn to make the animals & arrange things in interesting displays.
    I remember the one from 2006 where our stuffed animals were arranged in front of our room window around a mock swimming pool. The mousekeeper had used a blue garbage bag & placed rolled up white towels around the edges to make it look like a pool. It was my favorite - we even took pics!
    Talk to you later!
    Right back atcha, sweetie! :kiss:

    (I'll get you the bee's phone number. :lookaroun)
    Hi! I hope that you are having a great weekend. We are getting ready for school to start here so we have been busy, but I am soooooo ready for it.:lol:
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