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Recent content by Thomas morrow

  1. Thomas morrow

    'The Force' of Star Wars will trump 'Frozen Frenzy' on 09/04/2015

    Yeah more Darth Vader merch,shirts etc etc. *yawn*
  2. Thomas morrow

    Disney Eyes 'Star Wars' Park Attractions Amid Buzz

    I find Iger's lack of faith disturbing.
  3. Thomas morrow

    Star Wars Theme Park Attractions to be Based on New Films

    Another article http://variety.com/2014/biz/news/star-wars-theme-park-attractions-to-be-based-on-new-films-not-old-1201376154/
  4. Thomas morrow

    Walt Disney board extends Iger's contract as Chairman and CEO through June 2018

    It seems the CEO has stayed in power long after his term expired. Didn't the stock holders demand he stay. uh oh
  5. Thomas morrow

    Iger Confirms Star Wars Domestic Parks Presence

    Don't be to proud of this brilliant blue sky Imagineering you've designed the ability to construct E-ticket attractions is insignificant next to the power of TDO
  6. Thomas morrow

    Iger Confirms Star Wars Domestic Parks Presence

    So can I get my MyMagic+ FastPass for 2021 yet? Scratch that don't want to give them that idea, reserving FastPasses for attractions that are not open yet.
  7. Thomas morrow

    Star Wars Weekends 2014

    My impression from the last two years is they sign pretty much anything that's in good taste I had pics made from screen shots of The Clone Wars and I even saw James Arnold Taylor record a kids voice mail message on his phone as Emmett Brown it was cool he just improvised it
  8. Thomas morrow

    New characters for Star Wars Weekends

    I really loved The Clone Wars some of the stuff they had planned going forward would have been jaw dropping. At least next week Darth Maul Son of Dathomir comes out in comic book form from TCW scripts. Not really excited about Rebels wish they would have let TCW finish and flow through ROTS and...
  9. Thomas morrow

    Star Wars Weekends 2014

    Ashley is very nice the first time my wife and I met her we almost had to excuse ourselves she just kept talking.
  10. Thomas morrow

    Star Wars Weekends 2014

    He also voiced Darth Bane in the final arc of The Clone Wars
  11. Thomas morrow

    Star Wars Weekends 2014

    I wasn't very optimistic about the episode count I was thinking 8 at the most still disappointed they cancelled the show (and at least they are releasing a Darth Maul comic of episodes that were planned for the show)it was really getting darker and more intense as they got closer to ROTS and the...
  12. Thomas morrow

    Pixar Star Wars

    Why Disney threw away The Clone Wars team is still a mystery to me. The animation on that show was on par with Pixar or even better especially season 4 and 5 IMO and if Disney ever gets around to releasing the remaining Clone Wars episodes there is one centered on Yoda.
  13. Thomas morrow

    Star Wars Weekends 2014

    There are still several Clone Wars arcs coming out although they have been tight lipped about how when or where so I could see some of the Clone Wars people still being involved they really are very fan friendly and Ashley Eckstien and Dee Bradley Baker (Agent P)have other Disney tie inns
  14. Thomas morrow

    Breaking: Star Wars Ep VII Release Date Out

    I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about this. (but I hope I'm wrong)
  15. Thomas morrow

    New American Adventure Restrooms now open

    We'll have to check these out the next time we go.......to EPCOT
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