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Recent content by Sigmundooze

  1. Sigmundooze

    Trip Report WDL/CA Report and Comparison to WDW MK/DHS

    Just got back from DL after not being there since 1985. The following is MY OPINION. After reading on these boards about how most on here yearn for DL versions to be in MK I have to say I just dont get it...90% of the time the MK ride is superior and 100% the queue in WDW is superior (I...
  2. Sigmundooze

    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    Don't get me wrong, I actually like the concept but it is very dated and dull (again my opinion). A good idea may be to use the tech in things like turtle talk with crush and monsters inc laugh floor but with the animatronics. That could be very interesting if they wanted to keep the IP going...
  3. Sigmundooze

    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    The tiki room is a complete bore. Every time I go people get up and leave early because they just cant sit through it (Orlando and Anaheim). In my own opinion "Under new management" was far better and actually funny. Not sad at all to see it go, and now Jose doesn't need to complain about his...
  4. Sigmundooze

    What is the plan for Innoventions East and West?

    Nothing until 2020?! I'm sorry but that is just pathetic. I live in DC and the Smithsonian did the same thing with the dinosaur exhibit. closed in 2014 and reopening 2019. Why do these people not do all the planning and get all the materials needed before you close? Then it should only...
  5. Sigmundooze

    Bob Iger at WDW now ... BoD to Follow?

    true, but they initially tried to sell it as "notazoo" so...
  6. Sigmundooze

    Innoventions West to Close in May?

    So sad, I hope they know how bad this looks now along with the other closed pavilions. Hopefully something really nice goes in (not F&W related) but not holding my breath.
  7. Sigmundooze

    30 Days of Disney - Day 26 and Day 25 - Saddest Death & Favorite Scene from Favorite Movie

    Saddest Scene : Cheating here a little bit since its not a death but for me by far the saddest scene in any Disney film is dumbo visiting his mom who is locked up (Baby Mine scene), I'm crying just thinking about it Runner Up : Flight of the Navigator when David is in the future and his...
  8. Sigmundooze


    1) Party of the Senses 2) Getting all the stamps for the F&W passport by trying every F&W kiosk 3) Staring at SE with all the lights on it on a clear cool night 4) Playing the Where's Perry game 5) The ambience of San Angel Inn
  9. Sigmundooze

    Favorite restaurant

    V&A : Im spoiled :)
  10. Sigmundooze

    The ONE area in Magic Kingdom to spend the day

    EASY! :) The hotel room in the castle :) If that is considered cheating then any of the following peaceful areas in each land would do: Frontierland: TSI. SO wonderfully peaceful and magical. I really hope they never get rid of this. Tomorrowland: PeopleMover. Close my eyes and it would be...
  11. Sigmundooze

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    Sorry but I disagree with this. If I had more time I would just do more rides not buy more things. I would think people buy what they are going to buy regardless of time, because most come in with a budget. Only more people adds more money and this program will not add more people. I...
  12. Sigmundooze

    Next generation FASTPASS system to begin guest testing this week

    I know this is just part of the billion dollar nextgen but how in sam hill did this get approved. How will this recoup the investment spent? They are fixing things that aren't broken. I just dont get it. You have eye sores on property that deperately need attention and you choose this. How...
  13. Sigmundooze

    Attractions at home

    Attractions ---------------------- Spaceship Earth WEDway People Mover Tom Sawyer Island Restaurants ---------------------- Victoria and Alberts Party of the Senses All the Food and Wine Kiosks :)
  14. Sigmundooze

    Why do people love Downtown Disney?

    Disney Quest, Art of Disney, and World of Disney for gifts for people back home. Earl of Sandwich and Pollo Campero are nice places for quick bites too.
  15. Sigmundooze

    Kilimanjaro Safaris to replace 'Little Red' scene with new savannah space

    I dont care as long as they dont get rid of the fake radio station with the song that goes "ah la ah wayee yaaaaaa ah boo boo boo ah BOO BOO BOO BOO!" My son and I always sing it and it cracks us up (No one hears us because it is quite loud :) )
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