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  1. Runmyhorse

    Tomorrowland Dance Party

    The dance party doesn't really bother me or my kids. We don't ride Cop and the music during people mover and astro orbiter we just ignore it. It doesn't effect us one way. We choose to go and have fun. We actually get a kick out of watch some adults trying to dance. Let's face it kids love the...
  2. Runmyhorse

    Im a bad parent

    I personally could never go to wdw without my kids,but that's me. Our first trip was with the kids and it will cont to be so. If I want to enjoy my husband company or him mine we can do so at so many other places and make different memories.
  3. Runmyhorse

    Trip Report my first semi solo trip

    Ok so we had a 9 day trip planned,but I had decided not to take. My husband and I are on less then talking terms at the noment. My husband talked me into coming . Long story short he went his way here and I went to ours.:( Anyway on to the less depressing part.lol we are at magic kingdom now ...
  4. Runmyhorse

    "Babysitting" for 13 year old?

    I have a 14 and 13 year old and while they are very mature Ns can handle themselves I have never left them alone. It's just a preference for us.
  5. Runmyhorse

    Best Time to Go.

    I would recommend Oct or Dec. September crowd wise isn't really low crowd anymore. We go every September.
  6. Runmyhorse

    Just moved our trip up to March!

    That's spring break here in ms. I believe our daughter use to cheer and they will be in in the parks. We still had fun though.
  7. Runmyhorse

    I take my shirt off on Splash Mountain and no ones ever said a thing

    Is it just me but that looks like Jim carrey in ace venture.
  8. Runmyhorse

    November park hours expanded

    If the hours are being added expect it to be crowded.
  9. Runmyhorse

    Acne Scarring and Disney Face Characters

    I'm not sure when you go, but could do chemical peels on the face. It helps with a lot of those issues, but there is down time. I also agree with the mac foundation and concealer. Mac can do a make over and show you how to apply it correctly.
  10. Runmyhorse

    Sept or October

    I would say Oct. If you are there now you probably have noticed how busy it is. The weather is also cooler and more manageable.
  11. Runmyhorse

    Question about disney annual passes

    The flex plan passes become active when purchased. Passes paid in full are active upon first entry to a park.
  12. Runmyhorse

    Trip Report The Griswolds go to Orlando!! Live trip report...or something like it. Pictures on page 11 !!

    Well this mom isn't happy at all about it. I had no idea what they was doing. I was the last one to go through. If I had been through we would probably be driving instead of flying. That was the most ridiculous thing ever. She was the only one that I saw get done. I sure feel safer now . What a...
  13. Runmyhorse

    Trip Report The Griswolds go to Orlando!! Live trip report...or something like it. Pictures on page 11 !!

    What draybook didn't know cause he didn't see was it wasn't lightly and he rudely told her not to touch him. Sorry but he touched the wrong kid. I simple told him I'd break his arm if he touched her again. That She Was Only 14 And To Not Touch Someone kid
  14. Runmyhorse

    Anyone there now? How is the HEAT?

    Here now and it's unusual hot. Very humid and rainy.
  15. Runmyhorse

    Comparing Sept/Oct/Nov

    November or December. The weather is so much better. Crowds are low for the most part
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