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    What is benefit of Memory Maker?

    my brother and sis-in-law are at the world on their honeymoon right now. they paid the $150 before leaving to add on memory maker and have already had some great photos taken. normally they may have purchased like two or three photos, but they have a ton of funny, sweet, adorable photos to...
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    October... not anymore!

    we were there from 10/4-10/10 and it was quite a bit busier than i remember it being in october. my brother and new sis-in-law are there right now (11/1-tomorrow) and they're saying it's not as busy as it was in early october but it's still busier than we're used to it. my brother has visited...
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    FP+ only Toy Story Midway Mania

    again, tl;dr because there's ten pages of crap here and i'm still trying to unpack. but i rode tsmm again with a fastpass+ while in a wheelchair. someone pages and pages back mentioned something about tsmm considering using this idea to help ease ada compliance. i wanted to go further into...
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    FP+ only Toy Story Midway Mania

    didn't read through the thread cause I'm on my phone. was at dhs earlier today and we had a fp+ for toy story midway mania. there did not seem to be mass hysteria or rioiting but there were a ton of fp+ CMs and managers everywhere. I believe they were attempting to schedule fp+ for guests...
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    How Many Days for You? Part 11

    this time tomorrow i'll be arriving at the airport for my flight! it feels like we've been waiting forever, but it's really only been about ten months.
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    Saving money by booking each night as a separate reservation

    packing/repacking, or being unable to unpack; going back and forth to check in/out/in/etc, not being able to settle in a room.... to me, the savings between roughly $2000 and $2500 probably won't be worth it. my time is worth something, convenience is worth something. if getting a lower rate...
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    Favorite restaurants that aren't...

    we've always liked biergarten. i've never eaten italian, chinese, or japanese food at epcot. we have excellent options here on long island.
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    Using a phone at the FastPass posts?

    i phone 5, 5c, and 5s are also all larger than the iphone 4. plus some of the new cases are really low profile and designed to not look like a case; it's possible that an RFID would fit. plus never say a hack seems like too much trouble. people love phone hacks and mods.
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    How Many Days for You? Part 11

    2!! TWO DAYS!! we haven't had a vacation in two years, we haven't been to disney in almost three years. this is the longest we've been away since our first trip there almost exactly ten years ago for our honeymoon!
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    Best place to take wife for anniversary?

    we're going to cali grill for our anniversary - it will be our first time there. we chose it over narcoossee's and citricos because we weren't thrilled with either menu (mostly me lol). our good friends always choose the yachtsman steakhouse, they love it. i would think those four are...
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    How Many Days for you Part 10

    only 4 days! and the weather looks good!
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    How Many Days for you Part 10

    5! just have to get through this work week and then it's off to disney!
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    WDWMAGIC Takes the Cake - The Official Cake Talk

    ordered my cake! chef brian emailed me back and said they could do what i wanted, which is simple - white cake, orange mickey heads on mini wedding cake. i hope it comes out nice.
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    How Many Days for you Part 10

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    When are discounts posted

    for our 7 day hoppers, i found i saved more doing the target red card thing than using undercover tourist. i have a target red debit card, go to target, buy handfuls of $50 gift cards with the 5% savings... used those to pay for my $817 tickets from disney, which then only cost me $777...
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