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  • Yeah my husband and I lived there for about a year. It was nice enough - the front office was a little slow responding about repairing non-essential things (like blinds, or like pressure washing your patio) but the rent was reasonable, I always felt pretty safe there, and the location is really convenient to everywhere - like eight miles from Animal Kingdom, 40 mintues from Orlando International Airport. The only thing is that parking can really suck.

    I would not recommend moving onto the third floor if you can help it. We had a two bed, two bath and it was plenty of room for us. My friend had the two bed, two bath with a den (basically third bedroom) which was roomy enough, but I preferred our two bed. I have another friend in one of the one bedroom, not sure which layout it is, but it's very nice. The dining area is a little small, but it's just two of them and it's definitely enough room for them. One of the nice things is that every apartment has a little patio or balcony.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to message me again!
    I did a search on Google for "Cagan Crossings Ridgepoint" and a thread came up with you staying that you were about to move there. If you did could you please give me a review of the complex. I would greatly apprecicate it.

    Thank You
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