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  • That's cool! I'm actually in a PhD program (political science) at Vandy, and I've just finished teaching adjunct at Belmont U. Are you guys in Nashville, or just like the schools here?
    Thanks for my B'day thread Reva. It really put a smile on my face this morning.

    And tell Rachel thanks for making a special appearance on WDWMagic to say hi today.
    I'm not sure if I ever responded to you absolutely wonderful and thoughtful message you left me earlier this month. Thank you so much. :) It meant so much to me that you thought of me that day. Thank you!
    Hi! Sorry, I just realized I had a message. I am still getting used to the format here. Cleveland is very nice! We are actually in Hixson and love it.
    Probably not going into the parks on the 31st. We fly out of MCO at 1425, which means DME will schedule pick-up at 1030-ish :eek:. Since I'll be out late at AC the night before, I may need some packing time that morning! :ROFLOL:

    The meet on the 30th will be my WDW Swan song I think. Sunday we'll probably just have breakfast at POFQ and leave.
    Considering that I remember 8-track tapes....yes I remember BTO! :wave:

    (I listen to a little bit of everything, a whole lot of nobody.:shrug:)
    You girls have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do! (What does that mean anyway?) :shrug:
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