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    double or queen in themed rooms

    The royal rooms it is then!! Thanks!!
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    Coronado Springs?

    I agree with all!! We stayed there July 2011, and had actually gone on Buzz's website and had emailed him. He replied instantly and gave us even more detailed info...Thanks Buzz!! Our children loved the pool and theming of the resort. The only downside is how the "food court" is waiter...
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    double or queen in themed rooms

    Hi all!! My family is heading back to Disney in July. We were thinking of booking the pirate themed room at the Caribbean or the new royal room at Port Orleans Riverside. Does anyone know the bed sizes in these particular themed rooms? I have to say..the older I get, the more I prefer the...
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    thanks to disney

    Thanks for the well wishes....we are alerady excited to return!! I was so surprised when they called!! I completely agree that's why Disney is the best-customer service!! I hope everyone else has a trip planned soon and finds some Disney "magic!!"
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    Pop wi fi working

    We were at ASMovies last week and they installed the free fridge in our room, and we were getting free wifi (front desk said that it must have been "blowing in" from another resort)-but it worked every day and it did state if was free Disney wifi and then once you accepted the terms, it took you...
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    thanks to disney

    I just wanted to share a wonderful response that my family received from Disney a few weeks ago!! Our family had bought the annual pass last year with an agenda....March trip to get our Disney fix (it had been 1 1/2 yearw)..July trip for my son's birthday...and then another March trip for ESPN...
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    Sports/Music VS. Pop!

    Me again....have you thought about the new All Star Animation? I don't know if the single rooms will be ready yet (the family suites open in May), but that would be awesome...brand new rooms, brand new food court, brand new pools!!! I would definitely look into that!!!
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    Sports/Music VS. Pop!

    I don't know if you have thought about ASMovies, but for younger children, the Andy's Room Courtyard area is amazing-my children loved the enormous Buzz, Woody, RC, Rex, and Bo Peep!! They loved Sorcerer Mickey at the pool, as well. The food court is a zoo-we actually drove over to POR and...
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    New Year's Eve Announcement?

    We have had our trip for March planned for months. We planned our annual pass and trips this year to conincide with the ESPN weekend-and then Disney cancelled it!! I think this 24 hours is a way for Disney to generate business and recover some of the business they are losing by cancelling the...
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    Poly Worth 465 / Night?

    I agree that the Poly is romantic and beautiful!! The atmosphere is so tropical and lush. I have been wanting to stay there for years, so on our last trip we went over and asked to see a room (we're going back 3/12). The were extremely welcoming and immediately had someone show us to a...
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    Just back - Some random thoughts

    Wow...we must have lucked out! We just returned on Sunday night after 9 pretty great days!! We went in for every EMH....and never waited longer then 20 minutes for a ride (except TSM at HS)!! We figured out our FP situation and, for example, did the normal Small World and Snow White while we...
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    Would You Rather Be..........

    I love being a pro (wondering why ANYONE would wait in line 2 hours for Peter Pan!!), but riding HM last week I was thinking how magical it would be to be seeing it for the first time. When you bring your children for their first few trips, you get to relive the wonder and amazement of...
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    No More ESPN Weekends

    Bad news and bad timing!! We bought our annual pass this year with three trips in mind.....went in March...leaving in one hour for our summer trip...and next March for ESPN weekend....our 15 year old son has been wanting to go for years. We are going to tie it in to spring training and a chance...
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    You might be a Disney Park snob if...

    For anyone that has ever been to Dutch Wonderland... taking your child's picture next to Amish statues on a bench....right after taking their picture next to Goofy on MainStreet's bench... or taking their picture with the Princess of Dutch Wonderland....after breakfast with the Princesses in...
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