double or queen in themed rooms


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Hi all!! My family is heading back to Disney in July. We were thinking of booking the pirate themed room at the Caribbean or the new royal room at Port Orleans Riverside. Does anyone know the bed sizes in these particular themed rooms?

I have to say..the older I get, the more I prefer the larger bed so my DH and I can position ourselves to accomodate our stiff necks, lower back pain, and different temperatures:ROFLOL:

I know that POR is converting to all queen beds so I wouldn't see why the royal rooms would be any different. I am not sure about the Pirate rooms at CBR...

I agree....double beds are hard to get used to!


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The princess rooms have Queens and the pirate rooms have doubles.

And I absolutely agree, we finally upgraded our own bed to a king...plenty of room to stretch out and sleep cozy!

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At CBR the pirate rooms are queen but not a mattress - it is a mattress pad (topper) over a box spring to fit inside the ship bed. Regular rooms are mattresses. Royal Rooms are Queen...(haha) we booked for Christmastime.
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