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I just wanted to share a wonderful response that my family received from Disney a few weeks ago!!
Our family had bought the annual pass last year with an agenda....March trip to get our Disney fix (it had been 1 1/2 yearw)..July trip for my son's birthday...and then another March trip for ESPN weekend!

As a sidenote, my son is 15-so even though he loves Disney, ESPN weekend was a huge part of getting him on board for our 3 trip annual plan (all of our children chose this plan over our 2 week Hawaii plan).

So....when Disney cancelled ESPN weekend, we were a little bummed-especially our sports fanatic son!!
We made up for it by getting spring training tickets to see our hometeam during our March trip (GO PHILS!!)...

THen, Disney postponed the opening of Dumbo (we thought it would be cool to be one of the first to see the beginning of the new fantasyland)!!

We decided to send Disney an email just expressing our vague disappointment with some of their cancellations.....

AND GUESS WHAT???? We received a phone call from a wonderful guy (Ben) and he extended our annual pass through the summer!!

And yes, I know it's a win-win for Disney (we come again and spend more money!!)..but to get a phone call and some warm consideration from Disney...well, that's all we wanted!!

And guess what...we are, of course, going back this summer (and can't wait).

I just wanted to share this with some fellow Disney fans, because it was one of the nicest things to ever happen to us:)


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That's awesome!

It's nice to hear that Disney cares and it can happen to anyone [:


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So Happy For You!

I know some may disagree, but, I still think Disney is a class act. Yes they benefit but ultimately they took a personal approach to make the client happy! Good business practice in my book.


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Thanks for the well wishes....we are alerady excited to return!!

I was so surprised when they called!! I completely agree that's why Disney is the best-customer service!!

I hope everyone else has a trip planned soon and finds some Disney "magic!!"
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