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    tequila bar

    There are flights of tequila and flights of margaritas that are both pretty sweet. I haven't had any of the food, but it looked tasty. Have fun!
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    tequila bar

    yes and its AMAZING
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    Article about a Lost attraction

    I love Lost, but it doesn't have a long shelf life in terms of making an attraction out of it. Not to mention that it has no place in the DL/MK setting. The themes (in most lands) is classic Americana, not creepy sci fi islands. Granted, we are geeks and we know more than the average bear...
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    Article about a Lost attraction This article was on yahoo this morning. Although I love Lost this left me scratching my head.
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    Anyone tired of illuminations yet ?

    I love Illuminations I usually see it a few times every trip. I agree that the score is pretty amazing. I'm really excited to see the holiday tag next week too! The one I could do without is Fantasmic! If i see it once a year that's plenty for me (and I average 3 trips a year).
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    Your favourite places in The World Showcase?!?!?

    Each pavilion has its own things making them lovely. I think if you slow down and explore each of them you'll really enjoy yourself. Its also fun to sample food and drinks from around the world! That being said, some of my absolute faves are: Biergarten and the German pavilion in general - i...
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    Please tell me how this happened...again

    I've had DME whoas lately too. I swear every time i get tags/vouchers they are messed up. Granted I'm usually traveling with friends and meeting in Orlando so we come from different airports and flights, etc, but still its always a mess. This time when I called to fix it I got a really...
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    Can't Decide: WL vs Poly - Opinions?

    My vote is for the Poly. I've stayed at both within the last year (I'm on the same mission to stay at every resort!) The Poly was fantastic. Its great to be able to hop on the monorail or walk to the TTC for starters. I also felt that the room at Poly was MUCH nicer. We wound up complaining...
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    Lights of Winter not being displayed this year (2009)!?!

    I have never gone to guest relations to complain. If there are LoW they will be getting a visit from me. I won't be one of those crazy people who scream at the poor CM behind the desk... but I'll file my complaint with the powers that be... not that it will do that much. I hope we're all...
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    I'm Getting A Refund!

    We had a not so magical experience at Wilderness Lodge in the spring. We all expected a lot more of a deluxe resort. When we went home my friend who made the reservation complained, but I don't think any of us really expected any monetary compensation. We just wanted them to know that as...
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    one trip- mulitple resorts

    ive heard some iffy stories about Disney transferring bags from one resort to another. Though I'm sure most of the time its ok. You may consider just taking a cab. Sure you'll have to pay for it, but it might be worth the cost and the amount of time it saves. As we all know time = money at...
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    Touring Plans...Whats up?

    Thanks for posting these. You beat me to it! Fred does a great job with the predictions.
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    Hall of Presidents Previews Today

    gotcha... well it looks like i'll get teary eyed at this one now like i do at American Adventure. what a sap
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    Hall of Presidents Previews Today

    Thanks so much for your review and the info! It sounds like some interesting changes and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in December. I may make you watch it about 5 times! I wonder why they went with so many somber events (Oklahoma City, 9/11)? Was there narration about Presidents...
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    Dieting for Disney 2009

    Just wanted to stop by and share that I weighed in this morning at Weight Watchers and I lost 2.4 lbs this week! I was excited so I wanted to share with people who understand hehe. I hope you all have a good weekend and don't eat too many chocolate eggs!
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