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May 17, 2002
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Oct 25, 1900 (Age: 116)
Wherever the Air Force Sends Us - Currently Vegas

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Well-Known Member, 116, from Wherever the Air Force Sends Us - Currently Vegas

Hi Dan! Wow! That's too bad! I have only heard great things about them until this point! Thank you for the feedback on them! Jan 21, 2013

    1. RheiV
      Hi we were planning to go to Florida on first to second week of January to visit WDW and also maybe to take the cruise for 3-4 days. We're looking for great deals. Thank you.
      1. Disneyfalcon
        Hi RheiV! You can email me with more information if you like!
        Nov 22, 2016
    2. Tidbit
      Hey Tammy! I was wondering if you could give me the name of the hotel near Atlantis that is you are a guest there you get the full benefits of the water adventure as if you were staying at an Atlantis resort? You know the one you book instead of the DCL excursion? For the life of me I can't think of the name!!
      Thanks in advance!!
      1. Disneyfalcon
        Hi Tidbit! It's Comfort Suites! :)
        May 3, 2014
      2. Tidbit
        AWESOME! Thanks!
        May 7, 2014
    3. carlnlisa
      Hi someone told me you might be able to help. What is the booking process on concierge suites particularly the royal of the fantasy and how often is it available in sept and how much has it been in septembers past we are trying to get a rough idea for sept 2015. Thanks :)
    4. Lori Lund
      Lori Lund
      Hi ~ My husband and I are taking our 3 daughters (19 ys & two 11 yrs olds) on the Disney Dream in late August. We were shocked at the prices of the excursions for the 5 of us. For a dolphin swim and resort walk around it was $200 per person. In your Sept 2008 tip you mentioned the checking in/out into the Comfort Suites. Do you still recommend this?
      1. Disneyfalcon
        Lori, I am so sorry! I never saw this notification. I'm guessing I may be too late to reply? I hope you found something! I do recommend Comfort Suites, we are doing it in two weeks! I hope you have a wonderful cruise! Let me know if you still have questions!
        Aug 25, 2013
    5. rpk4444
      I am currently booked on the Magic March 23rd out of Galveston. We are flying in the 22nd. Does it make more sense to get a hotel at the port the night before or around the airport (Houston Hobby)? Going home we are going to use Disney to get from the ship to the Airport since our flight out of HOU is at 11:30am. Can you make any recomandations as far as hotels and transfers?
      1. Disneyfalcon
        Hi rpk4444! If you're taking Disney transfers down, you'll want to stay near the Houston airport to catch a transfer. If you book a hotel through Disney near the port, you can also get a transfer to there. Otherwise, you'll need to get a shuttle or rent a car. Sweetpee has a great thread on hotels and the Galveston area. It's in the cruise forum. Definitely look at it for hotel recommendations! :)
        Jan 23, 2013
    6. Disneyfalcon
      Hi Dan! Wow! That's too bad! I have only heard great things about them until this point! Thank you for the feedback on them!
    7. dan borman
      dan borman
      PART 2 -- I had about 6 min and my wife 3. Admittedly we had 3 boys to assist, but allotted time was unacceptable. On the (slow) ride back, someone said that the boat seems kind of slow, last time we made better time...the driver responded, "if I get back too quickly, we have to wait for buses". To which I commented -- "then how about we spend MORE time snorkeling?" . He said nothing. Oh well. Caveat Emptor.
    8. dan borman
      dan borman
      Hi. I just returned from the Galveston 6-day cruise. You provided me a recommendation on Sting Ray/Snorkeling -- Capt Marvin's in Cayman's. I would suggest not recommending them anymore. My experience had a lot to be desired. Our 2.5 hour event ended up being about 40 minutes total. Sting Ray was fine despite a slow boat and dangerous parking by staff, but the snorkeling was disappointing. DAN
    9. mousefan1972
      Hey Tammy, thanks again for all of your help with our cruise planning. We are sooo freaking excited!! :D Only 17 more days! -Kristin
    10. kidanikatie
      Hi there,

      I'm sorry for this most random private message. My name is Katie, I work for TouringPlans.com doing social media and managing the blog. I got your name from Tom Bricker. Were looking for some steady bloggers to blog about Disneyland and he spoke highly of your writing. There's more to the position and I was wondering if you were interested you'd email katie@touringplans.com.

      Thank you so much,

    11. Disneyfalcon
    12. mamamouse
      yeah i'm thinkin i might look into it but it won't be for a while yet cause I need to build up the guts first lol,that and i've already planned my 2011 n 2012 trips tee hee
    13. Disneyfalcon
      A short one is a great idea, Carrie! You can give it a try. :)
    14. mamamouse
      omg i so badly wanna do it since reading your reports n looking at pics but i'm so afraid,wahhhh lol maybe i need to start with a small one YIKERS!!!! my husband would have a heart attack at the thought of me even thinking about it because he wants to do this so badly but i always back out ( by the way you can just call me carrie 8o) )
    15. Disneyfalcon
      Cruises are awesome, mamamouse! :)
    16. mamamouse
      omg I've read 2 of your reports n I terrified to death at the thought of taking a cruise but like Holly belle I too am a character stalker especially in different outfits so I kinda wanna go just for that but I think i'm still too chicken LOL
    17. Disneyfalcon
      You are very welcome! I hope you like them! :)
    18. mamamouse
      omg you are such a doll thanks so much for posting these links I'm gonna read them all n I'm very excited to start!!! It helps me deal with my disney depression :)
    19. Disneyfalcon
    20. mamamouse
      Hi just came in search of trip reports,i love to read em but i'm not the best at searching for them i'm afraid lol
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    Oct 25, 1900 (Age: 116)
    Wherever the Air Force Sends Us - Currently Vegas
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