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May 17, 2015
Feb 10, 2008
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Member, from Michigan

tcwickings was last seen:
May 17, 2015
    1. Mikester71
      Hey Carl...just wanted to wish you guys a safe trip here before you head to WDW. Hope the weather cooperates for you. Looks like it FINALLY warmed up down there anyways! Have fun and can't wait to see some pics on here when you come back!!!
    2. Mikester71
      I hear ya about Damon, but I just think it is cool whenever the Tigers can get a bigger name player to sign in Motown, even if he is in the later stages of his career. Detroit teams (other than our Red Wings) seem to have trouble sometimes convincing bigger name players to sign in Detroit. Don't know if it is a weather thing or location or something else. Shame really, because Detroit has some passionate sports fans! Now back to that packing for you - LOL!!!!
    3. tcwickings
      The luggage is out and i'll really excited. Glad to hear you booked your trip,something to look forward to. Big Tigers fan here but no time this trip.... not real happy about the the Damon signing. I think he only pays for the money. (Just me thinking out loud)
    4. Mikester71
      You guys must be getting excited Carl!!! Have you started to pack yet? Couple of weeks away for you guys and just over a year away for us. Just went in and booked ours yesterday, so at least now it feels official!!! You should swing over to Lakeland and catch some of the Tigers spring training while you are down there.
    5. tcwickings
      Premium is my fav too.I have a mickey premium antenna topper on my car.HaHa My best friends dad lives down in florida and a disney retiree he found it for me.
    6. Mikester71
      Gotta LOVE the Michigan/Canadian winters Carl....at least we haven't had much snow this year (knock on wood)!!! Can definitely do without the cold though. 53 days away....lucky!!! Just over 400 for us. Make it a Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar please and thank you Carl - haha! :slurp:

      It looks like next March may be our last trip for a while unfortunately, so unless you are planning a March 2011 trip, our chances of bumping into each other down there may be pretty slim. But you never know...I say that after every trip and we keep heading back!:ROFLOL:
    7. Mikester71
      Long time, no talk Carl. Hope you and your family had a good holidays. Hard to believe another year has come and gone!!!! Just noticing that you guys have another trip coming up in March here...LUCKY!!! We have another year to go until our next one. :brick:

      Well, enjoy the break from another beautiful Michigan winter (nice warm front coming through this week I hear) and have fun getting ready for that upcoming trip! I think I might actually like the countdown to the trip and getting ready part as much as the actual trip sometimes. :ROFLOL:
    8. Mikester71
      Trip was GREAT Carl..thanks. Hard adjusting to being back, especially to this wonderful weather we are having back here - lol! 10 days and there were still a few things we didn't get around to doing. Need a good 2 weeks down there just to give you enough time so that you don't have to run around so much. Put some pics up on my Facebook and will eventually get around to putting some up in my album on here. Took around 1100+ photos, so still sorting through them all.
    9. Mikester71
      yeah...packed most of our stuff on the weekend and only have 3 days of work left to get through. Everyone is getting antsy to hit the road here on Friday morning, bright and early. CAN'T WAIT!!!
    10. jeffb
      Thank you for the kind message on my photos! It is very much appreciated. Cheers!
    11. Mikester71
      Hey Carl...we have and we haven't started packing - lol. We have been buying clothes (shorts, socks, etc) and supplies (toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc) for a while now for our upcoming trip and have some of it in tote bags and that, but haven't whipped out the suitcases to start filling them just yet. Hope to get most of that done next weekend.
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