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Recent content by grim grinning ghost

  1. grim grinning ghost

    No Cutlery Required..

    That got me thinking....once upon a time I think they had a cheesecake factory sandwich spot in Disney Quest. If i remember correctly, they had this amazing teryaki chicken wrap there. Good god, I dont know if it was because i was super hungry, trapped in this place full of sounds, dark (i...
  2. grim grinning ghost

    A Dessert Made In Heaven..

    Ohana's bread pudding is simply amazing. But, back when Alfredo's was at the Italy pavilion the dessert stand outside the restaurant had a Tiramisu. Oh. My. God. Heavenly. The only time I've ever had a Tiramisu that good was back during the Feast of San Gennaro in little Italy. Its the...
  3. grim grinning ghost

    Hello!!! Goodbye!!!

    First and last stop is always Epcot. With SSE being the first ride I go on. Whiles its no where near the same, it still holds a lot of nostalgia for me, and (even though i know its not true) a part of me wishes that when i go back on it, it will have reverted to Jeremy Irons once again. Also...
  4. grim grinning ghost

    How many people "go to Disney" from your computer?

    Ohhhh all the time. For awhile there, when i was having major withdrawals, I would go on google earth and pull up the parks. You can scroll it all the way down and fly through the parks. Its pretty cool.
  5. grim grinning ghost

    What's the first thing you do when you get to the parks??

    Its usually either MK or EPCOT first. Lately its been EPCOT. I love hearing the music when you get off the bus, it always makes me smile. Then its the smell coming out of Space Ship Earth that really does it for me...its then that I totally get relaxed and know i'm in the best place possible.:D
  6. grim grinning ghost

    Forever Loop Ride+Restaurant

    SSE...but it can't be that new version of it. God, that would kill me. For me, Jeremy Irons version, only because thats the one i remember best. From SSE right to The Brown Derby. That place has definitely gotten much better recently.
  7. grim grinning ghost

    What Resort Not To Stay At.!

    For me, Saratoga Springs and Caribbean Beach. Saratoga only because that is my home town, its just odd to go there. Ive had two bad experiences staying at Caribbean beach, both on separate occasions. Im definitely done with that place.
  8. grim grinning ghost

    Adding a day once at park 5 day hopper to a 6? Still doable?

    We decided to stay an extra day about 4 months ago. Had no problem adding another day, just walked up to guest services and they added it right on to the card.
  9. grim grinning ghost

    The Grey Stuff!

    Actually its either or...most foie gras is duck liver though.
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