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  • HOLY CRAP! You're from Sioux Falls too!
    I thought I was the only one on WDWMagic from SD, let alone Sioux Falls!
    Hi. I´ve read in many posts that you work or worked at La Nouba. If is not to much bothering you I would like to make you a question. This is my first time to the show. I´ve seen it in DVD and it´s spectacular. I can´t wait to see it live. I´ve bought tickets for Cat 2 seating at section 206 first row AA. Do you think those are ok? I´ve been thinking in upgrading them (although I don´t know if it can be done) but not sure yet because as far as I´ve seen in your comments all places are ok.
    Thank you
    for your help
    thanks for the friend add. let me know how your trip goes. I'll be there at the end of December.
    So JEALOUS that your getting to go before me:cry: But still wishing you an absolutely fabulous time, hope you post tons of pictures upon your return. Safe Travels:wave:
    My name is Coryna (fmingo36) and I see that we'll down at WDW, staying at POP, and according to the MNSHHP roll call-going to MNSSHP at the same time. Just wanted to say "HI" and maybe we'll bump into each other.
    Only 22 more days-CAN'T WAIT!!!
    I was just showing my b/f who was going when we're there and thinking how cool it would be to "bump into" someone from the forum. It's finally feeling like time is moving closer to the trip.
    Okay, I must get one. There was a list floating around somewhere with different ones on it. I am trading cars in Sept. so I want to add a little Disney to my new one. :)
    Hi! I have been wanting to ask you if that is your real car tag? I want to do this so bad, then my kids will really think I am a Disney Freak!:lol:
    UGH I am going to miss you...I will be leaving before you come. Oh well. =( Maybe next vacation. Lol
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