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Recent content by DznyGrlSD

  1. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    thanks everyone - I'm confident I'll be well enough to run wine/dine challenge. Dopey is still TBD
  2. DznyGrlSD

    RUMOR!-Fantasmic! to recieve updates or be replaced by 2020.

    just came here to say WDWs Fantasmic is awful compared to DL
  3. DznyGrlSD

    GE: Soft Opening or AP/DVC Preview Watch

    So I'm a platinum passholder....who's going to pay for me to come down so they can tag along with me to get in early...? 🤔🤔
  4. DznyGrlSD

    Credit Card Hold- any update?

    so...did you get charged for parking?
  5. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    MRI shows nothing that needs surgery!! just time, PT & core-work. i'm not cleared to run but i can bike & walk as tolerated
  6. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    uncomfortable, yes but no pain...yet
  7. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    here's from my finger surgery. MRI/sciatic follow-up is tomorrow. so sick of doctors right now
  8. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    follow-up - i'm not messing with this nonsense - MRI has been ordered.
  9. DznyGrlSD

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom this summer

    agree 100%. Live E is what makes Disney stand out. The stage show was cringe-y at best unfortunatly and that's not due to the performers, but the writers of the show.
  10. DznyGrlSD

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Sad isn't it?
  11. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    Saturday & Sunday - stationary bike - 30 & 35 mins + stretching. I'm starting to feel better but woke up with a bit of pain this morning
  12. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    stationary bike @ the gym - 30mins + my PT stretching moves
  13. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    1st day of physical therapy. I can ride a bike and that's about it for training...ugh!
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