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  • Hey Jer!

    Hope you feel better soon, my friend. Miss you already! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

    :kiss: :eek:

    I "spoke" with Tramp this morning. The surgery went well, but left him with some speech problems (due to removing a bit of his tongue, and nodes, tonsils, etc) but they feel that they got it all. He will still be starting a round of chemo/radiation just to be sure.

    He said he's feeling well enough to head back to work Monday. He's also grateful for all the well wishers on the forum, and I'll send him your best...or you could just send him a PM. I think he'd like that.

    O hai. Ur friendz are teh missing yous, so come play with us. Can you play "Johnny Reb" by Johnny Horton? kthxbai.
    Jer, Just a quick note to ask you to think think good thoughts about our old buddy, Tramp. He just let me know that he's doing OK, but has had surgery for throat and oral cancer (never smoked or "chawed") but is on the mend. Marcia
    Seriously, your 'Just loving taquitos' cracks me up everytime I see it...

    Your 7 year anniversary is coming up in a month!
    It's cool... rather than freeze my ______ of in the winter, I'll just enjoy my tropical hideaway ;)
    The interview went as well as well as it could have gone. They offered me enough money, but no relo... and without relo (or more money), I had to politely decline the offer :(
    Y'all? I just see me here... and y'all is plural. Or is it, "y'all are plural"? :veryconfu
    w00t for your comments in the Slow PAD.I agree with you...And I would just ignore those who post like that.

    Save it for the Obnoxious Posting Styles thread, my friend.
    wow!!! what the heck is this??? LMAO! I had never seen this! This is tooo much! I am in shock hahahahahaha! I have to study WDWMAGIC again! LMAO ;-) but thanks for the message, it was a very nice surprise!
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