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  • Good Morning & how are you doing today? At work right now and listening to my disney radio music. Hope your Disney Trip plans are going well. Take care ~Tinkerchelli~
    Hey! ~ I'd love to share my spreadsheets! My poor computer crashed & I lost a lot of my old packing spreadsheets. I'm making some new ones for my upcoming trip so I'll send em on over. Send me yours too! My email is tinkertini3@yahoo.com - in the meantime, I'll send you my Epcot Eat & Drink around the world sheet & my Disney Secrets list that has been converted from spreadsheet to microsoft word =)
    Yes we did change it a few days ago...so excited!!! You have to stay there...you'll love it! It's just beautiful, great location, and who doesn't love the monorail?
    Oh I just saw your comment on my blog..wow I'm not with it today!
    We are currently booked at All Star Sports but we're switching it to the Poly tomorrow! So excited!
    Hi there! A tad late haha but thank you for the friend request. Hope you have the best trip in June and let me know how Grand Floridian is!
    Hey overpacking, color coordinating friend, I just saw that you are planning a trip. I hope you are planning to share this with the rest of us who are stuck in their normal, everyday things.
    Thanks for the friend request. I have not been on the board in a while, but I would love to be your friend. BigNormsMom
    Thanks for commenting on my background...it wasn't hard to do at all.
    I just used one of my Epcot pictures and played around with the options in customizations and bingo...:)
    Have a magical weekend! :wave:
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