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    When Planning Please Consider using a Disney TA (Kingdom Konsultant) to support them during this tough time.

    Hi everyone! I am Agent Carey! Thank you so much for all the love and support. I am so proud to be a part of such an outstanding agency. We are all here for you during this very trying time. I can't wait to help you plan a magical vacation!! Sending you all some extra pixie dust!
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    Resorts already filling up for fall 2020??

    The fall is a very popular time to go to Walt Disney World. Between Food and Wine, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and having a few holidays in October (Columbus Day, Yum Kiper, and Halloween), it can fill up. Clearing cookies and your cache always helps when working with...
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    Opinions Please... Don't Smack Me!!!

    My son, age 5, loves both parks! He enjoys 8 attractions at Epcot and he like likes 4 attractions and 2 shows at DHS. But hebis a huge Star Wars and Toy Story fan so if you ask him, he will ask to go to DHS. You really can't go wrong!
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    Is Photopass worth it?

    I love the Memory Maker and always order it as a souvenir for myself! For the amount of pictures I have taken and not having to carry around my big camera, it is a huge value!
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    4 Year Old and Not Taking a Stroller???

    I just went for 2 weeks with my 4 year old - a mommy/son, then family trip. We had our umbrella stroller. We did not use it every day. It just depended on what we were doing that day. We have a 3Dtote® Convenience Stroller which is great bc it is easy to fold on handed, has a strap to carry...
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    4 Year Old and Not Taking a Stroller???

    In November, my 4 1/2 year old son and I took a two week vaca to Disney. I brought an umbrella stroller with me on the trip, but I did not use it and bring it to the parks every day. If I knew we were park hopping or coming back to the resort or something like that, I would leave it behind in...
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    Mickey's Very Merry . . .

    We love Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party!!! We just went this Nov and took our son who said it was one of his favorite things! We got yummy holiday snacks and ate them while we waited for the parade on Main St. We went on a night that had low crowds- early Nov, mid week. The longest thing...
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    Celebrating My Daughter's First Birthday at WDW

    It made for one that we will never forget!!!! They really went above and beyond for us. My camera literally stopped working as we entered the restaurant. They sent over a photopass photographer to capture the moments since I no longer had a camera!!
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    Tomorrowland fireworks dessert party

    Great question!! It's hard because Colin loves all things Disney ... except the night time shows. He has seen both and if I had to pick, I would say Fantasmic. The water and boats and characters are better then the fireworks for him. He really doesn't like the fireworks.
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    Park Strategies

    We used to always do one park in the a.m., back to a resort, and then hit the park open late or Epcot because we loved that park at night. However, now with an almost 4 year old, we find that it is best to go early (he is an early riser) and then stay until after dinner. We usually catch only...
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    how far in advance do you plan

    Usually about a year out. But it depends. Like now, we are already planning 2020. :)
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    Celebrating My Daughter's First Birthday at WDW

    We got a cake for my son. It was so special! Everyone at Chef Mickey went above and beyond to make this so special!!
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    Tomorrowland fireworks dessert party

    I did this for my 40th birthday when Wishes was ending. I wanted a relaxed viewing of the fireworks and I didn't want to stress about waiting for the fireworks with an 18th month old. For those reasons, yes, worth it! As mentioned in the above post, with the new show Happily Ever After, from the...
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    Would you?...

    If you can do it, I would say go for it!!! AKL is amazing and you will enjoy the whole resort!!! AOA is great but I saved it for when I had children. :)
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    Am I being too ambitious to park hop with little ones?

    I don't think Park Hopping is ambitious at all. It will be fine. :) Especially since it is just one day. Do you want to pay for a park hopper for all days and use it for just one though? I will say this from our first trip with our little man. He was 1 when we went. My husband and I historically...
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