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  • Oh! I'm so excited!!! I'm doing afternoon Tea at GF with my mom when we go! Any tips she can give? We loved Boma! have you been? Did she like it? That is the magical place where I discovered Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake! OH MY Delicious!

    I love packing too!!!! 6 days!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE! You must be through the roof with excitement!!!!
    Happy Easter to you too! My mom had a great day at Disney-she had afternoon Tea at the GF and adored it as always and dinner at Boma.

    Ahh 6 days until we're with Mickey! I am all packed except for the few things I need to use/wash before Friday. Packing gives me such joy! OMG so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10 today! Were so ready and excited!!!! My mom is vacationing in Sarasota right now an is making a day trip to Disney today-so excited to talk to her later and hear about it!! Are you all ready for your trip?
    Yes it was wonderful! So glad we saw it. 13 days until we're in Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you're not long after!
    Hey! Thanks for the friend request. Do you mean a picture of the new popcorn bucket? I don't think I took one but I still can if you'd like.
    Listen to this-we have a den that we haven't really set up yet so we can make that our packing room!!! Haha. Oo steak sounds good as does French onion soup!!
    Oh and ever since you mentioned packing, I'm feeling the urge to start organizing my outfits and thinking I won't have enough time before the trip to do so! :ROFLOL:
    Oo yah? What was that meal at Chefs? Oh wow he LOVES cheesecake-I bet he'll love that. I love Crystal Palace too-the food is good but I love the atmosphere and we always try to do a character meal.
    Aww I know the boat is so nice. I actually really enjoy the walk to and from Epcot along the Boardwalk and along the Yacht and Beach Club side, especially at night-very peaceful to me...not the DHS walk though-WAAAY to far! :lol:
    You know were used to the monorail and Poly aka WERE SPOILED! haha but really looking forward to that area. Ohana is new for the both of us and then Chefs de France, Boma, and Crystal Palace are new for Ryan although I haven't been to all 3 in quite a while!
    Haha aww I know-I LOVE packing as well. I'll probably start about 2-3 weeks prior to the trip :)
    Ahh well we're looking forward to a lot of things-I think most of all we're looking forward to the warm weather.
    We're really looking forward to doing the Segway Tour again, trying some new ADRs, and going to Typhoon Lagoon.
    We're looking forward to the Dolphin too and staying in the Epcot area. I've stayed at the Dolphin long ago but Ryan's never been at all!
    OMG hellooo!!!!! So happy to hear from you! oh no-I cant believe you had to cancel again-I'm so sorry! I'm proud of you though for doing what you thought was right professionally! Wow-hopefully some time will come along for you guys to go, I know you've been itching for a while and it just keeps falling through :(
    I love your blog-thank you for sharing it with me! I'm going to try and make those football rice krispies for the super bowl!

    Work is great-love it! We have a WDW trip coming up 4/30-5/8 and we're super excited. We've never been at that time before and you know the last time we went was FREEZING so we're looking forward to warm weather!

    Hows life in Alexandria? Are you enjoying it? Hows your husband?
    Oh my gosh I hope you don't have to cancel another trip!!! Maybe when you start with your new family you can explain to them that you have a trip planned and hopefully they can work around it! Let me know!

    We got all the ADRs we wanted! We're eating at Ohana, San Angel Inn, Boma, Chefs de France, and Crystal Palace. So glad we got them!

    Work is great! I love it! I am very good-how are you doing??
    Oh yay friend, congrats on booking!!! How exciting! Omg you'll adore the Poly! And good luck with training for the marathon. Phew-I couldn't do it! What are your ADRs?
    Thanks for the well wishes on the job hunt! I have an interview for a GREAT job Monday so cross your fingers!

    So we have hit a breaking point with Disney-we HAVE to plan a trip very soon! We're 99% set on May 2011! Yay!!!
    Thank you very much! Well, I'm working my booty off to get a full time job utilizing my degree but in the meantime, I'm going to work at Ryan's familys car repair shop at the front desk. We're toying with the idea of Disney in May 2011 or October 2011, all pending on the job I get and the time I'm allowed to take off at that point.

    Aw February or March sounds great! Let me know the planning!
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