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  • No problem - next time you go, let me know and I'll send you the info! Hope you are having a great time as you are in the World now! :)
    Hey there,
    I'm sorry, i've been away for a week and was sick the week prior so I am just seeing this! I would be happy to send it to you. However, there is a lot of info. Can you send me your email address in a private message and I will email it to you?

    I am secretly hoping for the Big East to invite the University of Central Florida in Orlando so I can have another excuse to get down there (SU at UCF)! Then, today I read someone's idea that if the Big East expands enough to have a championship game in football that with UCF as a member, it would be a natural place to host the championship game. Sounds good to me! Hey, congratulations on your graduation. I graduated in '97. Hope you got a job lined up in this rough economy.
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