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    Screamscape - Monorail Expansion Rumor

    Something has to change! So many long time Disney visitors, such as myself, have moved onto their own mode of tranportation ex: renting their own cars....we have been renting a car for years now, it is simpler, faster, easier and not that expensive...I have rented a van every year for 200...
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    Kim Possible adventure Epcot change rumor

    ...and one of the best! I always love what "happens" when you complete that mission. :)
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    Kim Possible adventure Epcot change rumor

    :brick: Oh lord, lets hope not, the Sorcers of MK stinks! Kim P is so much better!
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    If I Had The Power To Return ONE Attraction It Would be...

    20,000 leagues ...ohhh how I miss that ride. :cry:
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    "Real Housewives of Disney" SNL Sketch

    "Jasmine and Aladdin are broooooke!! They used up the last of their wishes...." :ROFLOL:
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    Coronado Springs....this must be discussed.... my family and I stayed at Coronado about 2 weeks ago and we had a lovely time, LOVED the resort in every way and will be staying there again, I am a senior contributor on Travelwise, so as I was looking through some of the reviews on the site for Coronado....I read one that says...
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    Did anything happen Tuesday night February 28th 2012?

    Interesting. Im nosy enough to wanna know!! lol
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    Yeti is indeed being fixed! Update 8/4/2014

    I knew that Yeti was either covered up or taken out when we were there last week, even tho he didn't move every time I rode it, this time we couldn't see him at all, and all the other times we could at least SEE him. Nice to know they are at least trying to work on him.
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    WIlderness Lodge having some work done Photo--->

    Here is the direct link... or
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    WIlderness Lodge having some work done Photo--->

    When you walked through the front doors there were tarps up on the right side and the photo below was of the top of the resort....I have no idea what they were doing...perhaps just some maintenance..
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    Moderately Indecisive...

    I remember the buffet for an adult for lunch was $16.99. We were on the DDP so I have to be honest, I didnt take much notice to prices.....doesnt that sound all snobby? LOL!! :lol: :lol:
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    Sorcerers of the MK (video)

    Here is a listing of all the cards.. i personally think this is going to flop, its too involved for people who are not at the MK on a regular basis.
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    Moderately Indecisive...

    We just got back from a week stay at Coronado springs and it was fan-flipping-tastic, with its free wifi in the rooms, free microwave, big fridge, big pillow top comfy beds, we will be staying there again and again, not to mention the pool slide is awesome. The food at the food court is the best...
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