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  1. Disney_Belle

    Moving to Orlando!!!!

    It's just the two of us and our two dogs :) We wanted to make the move before we had kids :)
  2. Disney_Belle

    Moving to Orlando!!!!

    I'm moving to Lake Mary this weekend, too! We are driving to NC now to visit family, then arriving at our new place on Saturday! Getting our APs this weekend Maybe we will see each other around the parks! Best wishes!
  3. Disney_Belle

    Trip Report So Away We Go! The Rain Never Bothered Us Anyway! (April 28 - May 5th Trip Report)

    It's been less than a day since we've returned from our visit to the World, and I've found that starting a trip report always helps lessen the post Disney blues, so here we are! This trip, for the first time in forever (4 years actually) is the first trip that DH and I went on where it was just...
  4. Disney_Belle

    Do the Voices of Liberty include "Let It Go" in most of their sets now?

    I saw them last Tuesday (April 29th) and they didn't perform it.
  5. Disney_Belle

    Trip Report To Disneyland, with Love: A June 2013 Trip Report

    Wonderful report! I too am planning a trip to Disneyland at the end of April! (After cycling through decisions on doing Disneyland, WDW or DCL - DL won). This trip report has me so excited for it! I haven't been since 2011. I was there for about 2 1/2 days for training with Tammy and another...
  6. Disney_Belle

    Trip Report Halloween on the High Seas and Some Not So Scary Fun with Friends - All Just a *Dream* Away!

    Thank you, Tammy! I'm so glad I got to go, too. I can't wait to set sail again! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) I love Halloween at WDW! The Halloween party is my favorite :) I'm already planning out this year's costume!
  7. Disney_Belle

    Trip Report Halloween on the High Seas and Some Not So Scary Fun with Friends - All Just a *Dream* Away!

    I did a big, ugly cry during Baby Mine. Thankfully we were the only ones sitting in the side balcony seats.
  8. Disney_Belle

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    118 days until a 4 night on the Dream for hubby's first cruise and 265 until the girls' cruise!
  9. Disney_Belle

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    I've got 118 days to go... 118 very long days.
  10. Disney_Belle

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    Before most of the guests made their way to Castaway Cay.
  11. Disney_Belle

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    Why can't every day include Palo brunch?
  12. Disney_Belle

    It’s the 2nd Annual UNofficial WDWMagic Girls Cruise!

    @derelicte19 that's exciting ! So very exciting! I hope it all works out for you. Now that we're renters again (and without a lease), we're one step closer to moving, too. We just need FedEx to come through with a transfer for the husband! Hope you can make the girls' cruise!
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