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  • I found it fitting, in a rather torturous way, that it snowed overnight during the One More Disney Day. It was some attempt to spite me at work, while checking the weather in Orlando. I guess we can't complain... we have barely seen snow!
    Oh sorry about that, I figured you weren't sure about my screename that's why I figured I'd find you. I see that now the online ADR is operating, I'm sure that will make things interesting!! :) Marzella said she talked to you about the Fantasmic dinner package and I was just curious if we were able to get that.
    Hi Jessica!
    I hope this gets to you LOL. I haven't been in here much but boy, am I EVER excited! Every day I learn a little more and plan a little bit- spreading it out LOL.
    Have a great weekend!
    :) Sandy
    Jan 23-27th at Pop Century for me.26th is my BDAY..Maybe ill see you there....
    For real? We're always in Assonet visiting family. What part do you live in? It's a beautiful place (better than Taunton, that's for sure) It's always nice to meet a fellow disney fanatic. I'll talk to you soon
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