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  1. castevens

    Iger joins Apple board

  2. castevens

    Why are they closing Snow White?

    Also, if we're going to start adding in the maintenance costs of rides (the behind-the-scenes type things) then there is brand new makeup along with the costume that needs to be applied. I know the costs are minuscule but it brings another factor to the equation.
  3. castevens

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I'd like to agree with your comment and take it a step further: There are plenty of rides at all Disney parks that are based on movies and/or books that I have never seen/read. So long as the ATTRACTION(S) has/have staying power, then that's all that really matters. People 30 years from now...
  4. castevens

    Progress of Fantasyland Expansion

    look what this lack of progress and imagination on the part of TDO is doing to us Disney fans!!!! oh wait, we've always been like this . . .
  5. castevens

    D23 - @loumongello just tweeted this

    not bad! I like what they're doing with a Children's coaster to make it more interesting for the adults! :)
  6. castevens

    Test Track refurb???

    2 years = 100,000 miles. 20 years = 1 million miles. 200 years = 10 million miles. 2,000 years = 100 million miles. Did Jesus ride Test Track?
  7. castevens

    PHOTOS - One Man's Dream exhibit displays some new Fantasyland artwork

    My understanding is that it is a NextGen thing to do while waiting for the TLM ride. Scuttle gives hints on where to find things like snarfblatts (pipes) and dinglehoppers (forks).
  8. castevens

    Peter Pan

    So factoring in the 2,100 people waiting in line for PPF, the rides have the same number of people within the building during a given hour :lookaroun
  9. castevens

    Bob Iger spotted in Animal Kingdom

    Or in the afternoon.....when it closes....
  10. castevens

    Dangerous Heat Index and Warnings for WDW today

    In other news, we just hit our high temperature of 60 degrees today in Boston (avg high = 80)
  11. castevens

    Monorail enhancements coming soon?

    If you're ever bored around WDW, have yourself and some friends put on a suit and take a walkietalkie onto property and start talking about changes
  12. castevens

    DHS 25th Anniversary Rumors... Hat Removed?

    Well I'd be heartbroken if the hat stayed.... one of us is going to be heartbroken.
  13. castevens

    Gaston's Tavern

    I couldn't care less either way. If it was there, I would drink it, if it is not there, I would wait until I go to EPCOT the next day...
  14. castevens

    Replacement for Dumbo?

    To keep people out of my castle.
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