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  1. brkgnews

    ASJHLJ's (George"s) spring break 2011 trip report

    Great trip report... and memories of laughter and Big FOs. Love it. And Heidi... I can't believe you survived a direct encounter with dihydrogen monoxide! The Horrors! :lookaroun
  2. brkgnews

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY brkgnews!

    Thanks, all! :wave:
  3. brkgnews

    Fire breaks out Enchanted Tiki Room

    George now reports there was even more damage... Zazu and also the bird mobile. Full story here... http://www.imaginerding.com/2011/01/fire-sale-at-enchanted-tiki-room-under.html
  4. brkgnews

    Fire breaks out Enchanted Tiki Room

    That's my assumption as well. I would think Iago 2 would be the scorched one (not that there's a difference any more :lookaroun) that shows up over the exit door.
  5. brkgnews

    Fire breaks out Enchanted Tiki Room

    Well-respected Disney blogger George Taylor (@biblioadonis) is reporting that the Iago 1 animatronic was severely damaged in the fire... http://twitter.com/biblioadonis/status/25618364399362050
  6. brkgnews

    Book Recommendation

    I concur with Nick_A's suggestions... both very good. Also surprisingly good is Lee Cockerell's Creating Magic. It's essentially leadership advice... but a lot of tidbits about the "zen" of Disney as well.
  7. brkgnews

    Ariel's Undersea Adventure to be a submarine ride?

    Oooh... Martin's Question Time. "The right honourable gentleman from Manchester." *misses the days of watching Betty Boothroyd and Paddy Ashdown hash it out on BBC Parliament via C-SPAN*.
  8. brkgnews

    Ariel's Undersea Adventure to be a submarine ride?

    Presuming they're referring to Disney Files magazine, I'm not seeing anything about subs, but there is an interesting note that since Ariel's hair is supposed to behave like it's underwater, her hair will be animatronic, too. As in, her hair will be animated.
  9. brkgnews

    Dining Discounts now in times guide

    As others have said, this is very smart discounting... does anyone remember "surprise fastpasses"? Back in the stone age days (you know, before Soarin' :lookaroun), if you ran right over to Mission: Space or Test Track and got a fastpass right at rope drop, you also got a "Surprise Fastpass" to...
  10. brkgnews

    Interactive cakes coming to a park near you?

    One thing we're quite perhaps overlooking is the future potential once the technique is perfected. We're fixating on "that big ugly projector," but the usual case with patents/invention is that when you're doing early research, the first step is to make it work, no matter how unwieldy it is...
  11. brkgnews

    Interactive cakes coming to a park near you?

    Obviously they'll use this to achieve the interactive video/photo aspect promised for the nightly castle show when they turn it into a giant cake for the 40th annivesary next year. :lookaroun :lookaroun :drevil:
  12. brkgnews

    2011 40th merch

    :eek: SHINY!
  13. brkgnews

    Will Disney World be celebrating 40 years next year?

    Very neat idea. Shame I'm not local (yet :lookaroun)... I'd love to go and geek out with the crew.
  14. brkgnews

    2011 40th merch

    Yep. I ended up getting several shirts and so forth earleir this month, and I had seen online that it was out several months before. Didn't see the ornaments though.
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