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  1. BareNecessities

    Flying Fish Cafe to offer breakfast in the fall

    Ok thanks. I wanna say that they should replace Kouzzina with a restaurant that has a great breakfast, but the boardwalk has a pretty good nightlife so I tend to sleep-in past breakfast anyway.
  2. BareNecessities

    Flying Fish Cafe to offer breakfast in the fall

    I didn't hear about Kouzzina closing, when was this announced?
  3. BareNecessities

    Disney Digital Wallpapers

    This is the wallpaper for my phone/computer. Its a pretty cool collage of retro disneyland posters.
  4. BareNecessities

    Top Ten List: Music in the Parks

    My top 5 favorite WDW Music 5.) Splash Mountain ride loop 4.)Soarin' Theme Music 3.)Ellen's Energy Adventure Area Theme 2.)Innoventions Future World Area Music 1.)Space Mountain Star Tunnel Music
  5. BareNecessities

    Fast Pass Trick?

    Haha hey socially awkward 15 year olds are not the only ones who like pokemon! :(
  6. BareNecessities

    Fast Pass Trick?

    You'd never guess what came out when I put a pokemon card in the kiosk!! :D
  7. BareNecessities

    Question about booking dining online

    When you say you the online reservation starts at 6AM, what time zone are you referring to?
  8. BareNecessities


    You have to check out the boardwalk, especially at night when its all lit up.
  9. BareNecessities

    What and where is The Plaza Restruant in MK??

    I've actually never eaten there but it looks and sounds pretty good(especially for a MK restaurant). How's the dinner at the plaza? Everyone seems to agree that the lunch is pretty good.
  10. BareNecessities

    The New X-Box

    Haha gotta love Francis! But I actually agree with what he said in the video, the PS4 is clearly the superior console and it really hurts me to say that after owning and playing an Xbox and Xbox 360 for the past decade, I'm going to have to switch to Sony! :(
  11. BareNecessities

    What Will Come to Walt Disney World Next?

    I sooo hope it's Star Wars land at MGM!!
  12. BareNecessities

    Where did I go wrong! :(

    I'm a little confused with how the ADRs work at 180 days. Lets say my trip starts december 22-29, and my 180 day mark is on june 25. Does that mean i can make my ADRs for my whole trip on the 25th or will i have to wake up at 6 that whole week to make the reservations for each day?
  13. BareNecessities

    Grand Floridian Villas

    Do you think Ill be able to get into the VGF for christmas week when it opens up to non-share holders? My family decided late that we are all going to WDW over that time and our home resort the BWV is all booked up and then our second choice the BCV is full as well. Do you think Ill have a...
  14. BareNecessities

    The Most Unusual Burger At WDW.

    Thats so funny i was just about to try and make that PB and J burger tomorrow! I'm glad you said it was good, now I'm excited to try it. But ya the ESPN club definitely has a few burgers that I'd love to try the next time I'm at the boardwalk.
  15. BareNecessities

    Favorite WDW soundtrack?

    I actually didn't know that, thanks for the info. I normally just use mp3ify.com and convert the youtube videos of the park music i like into an mp3 file and put it in my iTunes.
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