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Which is your LEAST Favorite Park?

Daniel Johnson

Well-Known Member
Are either of the water parks considered "parks"? I could do without them, I've been to both, just wasn't impressed. They are far better than what I'm used to (white water in Atl, and Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA), but I would be far happier in any other park on property than the water parks...


Well-Known Member
Studios. Used to be my favorite but now that it's not a working animation studio or have really much of anything made there, it's just a place with a great 'Main Street' and TOT. Oh yeah...Muppets too.
Now once Star Wars gets added it might be 'least favorite' by only a little bit. Man, I miss the 'studios' portion of the Studios.


Well-Known Member
Hollywood... Nothing really interests me except TOT and the beauty and the beast show. My dad loves it though so he always makes us stay longer than we would like.

Susan Savia

Well-Known Member
Only because I have to choose one...I'll say HS. We do find things to do in there that we really enjoy, but usually always leave the park by 1 or 2pm.


Well-Known Member
I have come to dislike Epcot, DHS, and AK. They for me have nothing to do besides walking around and ride the few rides available if they are not 101. I feel in the past 5 years the effect of immersing our selves into the lands and rides have gone.


Well-Known Member
Right now I would say EPCOT. The front half of the park just seems to be the buildings we have to walk past to get to the World Showcase. Futureworld needs a revival.
My family loves Soaring and the Land. I even enjoy Ellen for a break from the heat but there is so much more they could do here in Futureworld.
Communicore east and west are just buildings with no real draw other than free Coke products and a big souvenir shop.


Well-Known Member
...plus we couldn't seem to find any shade.
I was just discussing this with a coworker-HOW is it that AK manages to make it feel 20 degrees warmer than it actually is in comparison to the other three parks?

I will say, if you think AK is bad, Spend a day at Sea World, and you'll run right back to AK. Literally no shade-just the Florida sun beating down on a sea of concrete.


Well-Known Member
From least favorite to most favorite. This is going to sound like I hate WDW, but I don't, I'm just taking the cynical approach the thread and pointing out what I don't like. There should be a counter thread of your top parks and why, so we can highlight the good in all of them. But here's the list from least to most favorite:

Animal Kingdom - So much walking for so little reward. Now, I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of roller coasters, so those don't do much for me here. The dinosaur time travel ride was largely forgettable, which is a shame, since I'm interested in both time travel and dinosaurs. I do enjoy the water rapids ride, but lately I've been going in the winter, so for the most part I don't need to get soaked. I do enjoy the Safari ride and am sort of tempted to go back for that next time since I am now part of the DSLR camera world. While I appreciate what they have going on with the park, it just doesn't do much for me (perhaps because I can go to the Philly zoo anytime it loses some of the wow factor).

Hollywood Studios - Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going here. However, once evening starts to set in there are less things to do. I'm not quite sure why they don't have many shows going into the later part of the day. Though, the car show is pretty awesome and I don't think I have missed Beauty and the Beast any of the times I have been to WDW. The Toy Story ride is a good time. But there is a lot of dead space. The whole street set in the back is pretty much useless during the day and only useful at night when it is all light up. The back lot tour needs some updating, though it is pretty cool (but really, Pearl Harbor hasn't been a relevant film in forever, and the props they had are getting old, so it'll be cool to see what they do with it, but from what I have watched online, the similar back lot tour in Universal is cooler, and I'm also a little annoyed they stuck Frozen right where the cool walk through of the prop warehouse was). The American Idol thing was dated when it got there and the empty Drew Carey building is an eyesore. Also, if I recall correctly, they used to have a walk through of a working sound stage somewhere in the park. Haha, the glorified trailer walk through for Narnia.

But I actually do enjoy a lot here, the shows during the day are all entertaining, the Frozen show is also pretty fun, as said, the car show is awesome, Toy Story is cool, Fantasmic is great, the movie ride never gets old, and the whole atmosphere there is great, I love that old Hollywood vibe they made.

EPCOT - Love this park, sort of. The countries, great, absolutely fantastic. Food, shows, the shops, all of it is great. Not sure how I feel about their big firework show, but it's still pretty cool. But then there's the other half of EPCOT.

Innoventions is, well, not so innovative these days (I say get big companies like Sony, Google, Apple, etc. to have pavilions set up in there, really get the tech showcase in motion, yeah, it's basically just a giant store then, but who cares, that's where the innovation is). There's the big brown building behind Test Track, that is basically a glorified bathroom at this point. Not sure if events are held there, but it's mainly just an abandoned looking eyesore. And I'm not quite sure why that ride with the purple dragon is still there, talk about lame, and not in the cool, campy, old school/retro type of lame. And I still think the entrance of the park is too far away, but that's just a personal preference. But in all honesty, Spaceship Earth and the countries definitely make it worth going there, so much time can be spent hanging out and relaxing at the countries.

Magic Kingdom - Probably the popular favorite park and for good reason. Nothing quite captures the essence of WDW like MK does. The mainstreet music coupled with the design of the buildings is simply perfect, especially if you happen to walk into the park while the train is up top at the station. Each section really captures what they were going for, with my favorite area aesthetically being (excuse me for not knowing what it is called) where The Liberty Tree Tavern/Harbor House are. And Adventureland is always a favorite area. The only section that is lacking is Tomorrowland. I think they need to play up the retro theme more, there's just a little too much boring, grey walkway and not enough decoration. The noodle station (that's what it is, right?) is closed pretty much all the time and is this strangely empty spot. I also wish the taco place was open more often. Not really a fan of Tom Sawyer's Island, it's just boring and they have Aunt Polly's closed basically all the time. But this is always my go-to park for fun and hanging out. Even though I have been there a lot it just never gets old. It's like a home away from home, being there so many times everything is familiar and I can go at my own pace, not always trying to rush to do everything (though, when it is extra hours the rush is on).


Well-Known Member
As stated by some above, love all the parks to a point, and visit them all when we are there, but of all of them AK is my least favorite. For the same reasons listed above. Even with a decidedly reduced DHS, I still like it way more than AK


Well-Known Member
HS. As stated by others, it's a mess, lacks thematic cohesion, and it really does have a lack of options, considering everything that's been closed down. ToT is the crowning jewel of HS, and I absolutely hate missing it, but that's an awfully steep admission for a hand full of things to do.

I agree with the idea that EPCOT needs serious attention, FW is a pale shadow of its former self. I was there when it was brand new, and now it just misses the point.


Well-Known Member
And we have thusly established in this thread that DAK in its current state is just a zoo.

Um, no, that hasn’t been established. Some people think that. That doesn’t mean it has been established or that there’s any agreement on it.

These comments are almost painful for me because AK is by far the most beautiful of the parks. Anyone who can walk through the Mararajah Jungle Trek, for example, and come out shrugging and saying “there’s nothing for me to do or see in this park”…well, that’s just really sad. If you can watch Flights of Wonder and go “huh. Nothing cool in this park”, again, that’s very sad. I could go on, but I won’t.

On the other hand, that just means fewer people at the park and more enjoyment for me.


Well-Known Member
I could make a case to myself for DHS, AK, or maybe even Epcot as my least favorite.

Epcot: Such a poor, pale shadow of EPCOT Center, which actually would be my favorite of the four if it still existed. Future World is probably the most depressing place in WDW to me. I still visit for World Showcase, though.

DHS: Really struggling to find itself. Too many shows (that have been running too long) and not enough rides. Closed attractions. However, the park has one of my top attractions in Tower of Terror, and I also enjoy RnRC, even though it's too short. And Star Tours 2.0 is a huge improvement.

Which leaves AK. Absolutely beautiful park (especially Asia) but experience-wise, surprisingly empty. KRR may be the worst attraction in WDW (worse than Stitch, I think). Broken Yeti. Hot, humid. I'm a local AP holder, and I never go. So I guess AK would be my answer.

How is KRR the worst attraction in WDW? Really? You'd rather go on the Astro Orbiter, Stitch, or Aladdin's Carpets than KRR? For me you can tell a lot about a ride by the people coming out of it. People coming off KRR are usually laughing and shrieking. People coming out of SGE are rolling their eyes.


Well-Known Member
I think everyone loves MK. Wish they served alcohol there besides the resorts and bog. Epcot is our favorite park. We love WS. Ak we like but it's not a full day park for us. We can do it in 1/2 day if we plan right. When Avatarland opens up it'll be a full day park hopefully. HS is my least favorite park. We love tot and Aerosmith, but after that we don't like much. Beauty and the beast show and a few other things we like, so just a 1-2 day park for us until they do something to make it a full day.


Well-Known Member
I strongly disagree. The point of AK isn't just about rides. There are also plenty of shows and walking trails. You're missing out on experiencing the park if all you care to do is attack the park commando style.
When I go to WDW, I want to have an experience I can't get anywhere else, not a zoo with a couple Disney quality attractions and carnival-like attractions.


Well-Known Member
Oh man I know I'm going to be tarred and feathered for this but honestly, Magic Kingdom is my least favorite. Obviously, I would rather be there than any other place in the real world - but it is way too crowded with strollers and angry, sunburned moms and dads. I love the new Hub area, and Tomorrowland at night is gorgeous. And obviously there are rides that would make our trips incomplete if we missed them (Haunted Mansion! Peter Pan! Splash Mountain!), but I feel like there are tantrums at every corner and since we're without children right now - we have way more fun at Epcot.


Well-Known Member
So is it a safe assumption that most of you on this thread only go to MK?
It is not even close to be a safe assumption that I would only go to MK. All I did was answer the question to what is your least favorite park. I also did mentioned what attractions I enjoy going on in terms of the theme park I like the least.


Active Member
Based upon rides, I would have to say DHS. While it has some of my all time favorite rides, the park in it's current state is less than a full day park. I do love the Hollywood theming of the front of the park and wish it continues throughout. AK, though it can be very hot, is a bursting full day park for us. And It is just an incredibly themed park! EPCOT we usually spend three days at! We love it so much. It ties and almost tops the MK as our favorite. But honestly, everyone has their own valid reason why one or another is least or most liked. Vive le difference!

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