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Which is your LEAST Favorite Park?


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How is KRR the worst attraction in WDW? Really? You'd rather go on the Astro Orbiter, Stitch, or Aladdin's Carpets than KRR? For me you can tell a lot about a ride by the people coming out of it. People coming off KRR are usually laughing and shrieking. People coming out of SGE are rolling their eyes.

I absolutely would rather go on any one of those than KRR.


DHS no contest, I love Frozen but can't stand the way that they shove it in your face with this new trend of temporary attractions to mask the fact that there is barely anything worth doing in the park. The shows are good the first time, but need a refresh and can only be seen once per trip at most :(


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I would have to say DHS, especially now since there are not that many attractions left. It's a shame though because what's there I like a lot, it's just not a full day park in my opinion.


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I have to say Disney Hollywood Studios is my least favorite, but I still really enjoy it. It just doesn't hold as much "magic" for me, but then again it is one of the most realistic of the parks. I hope to see Disney improve this park over time so it can reach it's full potential


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Epcot is my least favorite. When we last went it seemed to be the hottest park and there is just so much walking involved that, that alone made it terrible. I only like the nemo and test track are the only rides I like. I don't drink and I don't really like trying new food. I am hoping that when we go in December 2016 I will be able to enjoy it a bit more without kids and without the major heat. xD


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it used to be a favourite of ours but Hollywood studios is our least favourite, last trip in feb with so many closures it totally lost what magic it had!!


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That is a tough one. I have fond memories with all of them but I think Studios at this point (which kills me to say since it was the first park I worked in). DAK is my favorite, hands-down. After working at Safaris and Dream Squad over there I got a much deeper appreciation for all of the small details and the new work that is being done (Pandora, Harambe Market, River of Lights), I only see it getting better. EPCOT would be my second favorite (couldn't drag me out of there when I was younger) but I feel like, since Horizons & original Imagination closed, it has really lost direction. Still enjoy drinking around the world though. :)


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How is KRR the worst attraction in WDW? Really? You'd rather go on the Astro Orbiter, Stitch, or Aladdin's Carpets than KRR? For me you can tell a lot about a ride by the people coming out of it. People coming off KRR are usually laughing and shrieking. People coming out of SGE are rolling their eyes.

Because of what Kali River Rapids was supposed to be: "Tiger River Run", Asia's version of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Pull up Animal Kingdom on Google Maps, switch over to satellite view and look at Kali...to the north of the ride is a very large cleared area that was supposed to be the first 3/4s of the ride. It wasn't supposed to be the kind of raft ride that was eventually built...more like a river flume.

Guests would board boats similar to Universal's Jurassic Park rafts that would have traveled through an Asian elephant enclosure...

Temple ruins inhabited by monkeys...

(but no King Louie, lol)

But...the bean counters took over and put the brakes on it. So we just got the grand finale turned into its own ride....which is akin to going on Kilimanjaro, driving around for a minute, seeing the poacher's camp and then pulling back into the station to unload.


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In the Parks
Lately, I would say it's Epcot. Epcot used to be my favorite park, back during the Millennium Celebration and for a while after. But lately it's just really getting to me how much potential the park has and how little they're doing with it. I'm upset that Maelstrom closed & I think the quality of most Epcot experiences has decreased significantly. Not to mention, working there on my college program and being there every single day kind of just wore me out on the park (but clearly that's just a personal thing).


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Think I'm echoing others sentiments here, I would have said AK a couple of years ago and I feel dinosaur is in particular in a sorry state and I think it's a great attraction. But DHS seems to have declined and I really felt he fact the back lot tour was missing when I visited last September. So a tie between AK and DHS I still enjoy them but MK and epcot are in a different league.


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DHS used to be my 2nd favorite after MK, but it's really fallen off a cliff. After being to Universal, I realized exactly how lacking DHS has become. The other park I have mixed feelings about is Epcot, mainly due to all the vacant pavilions in the front half. We pay all that admission cost, and we get vacant pavilions. Doesn't seem right.

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I don't get how anyone on a WDW fan board can't like MK. It's like saying "I hate baseball, but I go the games because I like hot dogs and cold beer". I'm with ya on this...weird.
I don't think any one stated they hated MK. The question was least favorite of the 4 main parks. grim-grinning_toast stated it best, MK is over crowded, too many stroller, rude people trying to get their kid that magic moment. I wouldn't miss Mk for the world, but two half days on a 7 day trip is all I need. I hit my favorite rides and enjoy the nostalgia. The meet and greets is just a crowd eater for me and the new FL is doesn't impress me. MK is what started it all, but is not all that for us.

My favorite moment was in 1995 when we went in early to MK for a breakfast and randomly ran into Mickey Mouse in front of the castle. Good luck finding that random moment today.
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My least favorite park is Animal Kingdom but I have only been there once and it was pouring rain so I think my judgment is skewed. I am looking forward to going back to Animal Kingdom on a nicer day and really getting to experience the park.


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Epcot is my least favorite. Test Track, the Sum of All Thrills, and Spaceship Earth are the best rides there. There are good sit down restaurants in the park but its hard to make it a full day park with just 3 rides and a scripted lumber jack show. Have no interest in drinking or buying chachkeys from different countries.

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