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Where would you like to be stuck over night????


New Member
Definitely the Swiss family Treehouse! Hands down. To spend a night in the treehouse would be amazing. Covered living area's complete with running water and great view of the park. Oh yeah! That would be the bomb! My kids agree with me.


Well-Known Member
My hubby and I have always made jokes about being alone on Tom Sawyer's Island ;) but other than that I would definitely take the castle suite. Speaking of which, how does that work? Do they come escort you out of the park in the morning so you don't get an extra day? What about those people that start their day at 5 am.... or better yet... how well is it sound proofed for those people who sleep in until 10am? Haha!


New Member
Tough question.

MK---Haunted Mansion or Swiss Family Treehouse

Epcot---Norway village before the movie, Mexico pavilion, SSE not sure which scene though

DHS--Tower of Terror, Upside down in RNRC :lookaroun

AK---Harambe Village

DD---Fulton's Crab

disney dharling

Active Member
On the Streets in Magic Kingdom. I would take all the time needed to appreciate the detail with no interruption or crowds to disturb me, and explore it all. (although I do think it might be fun to sleep in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.)

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