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  • Oh, I'm really sorry. I sent the message as soon as I got off work. I feel like I'm fighting a cold, or whatever this is, and the reason I haven't gotten it yet is because I've been going to bed early. Last night I was in bed by 8:30 with Sean. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will pass soon. I don't know if the kids are going to school tomorrow or not. I'm gonna let them sleep in and go from there.

    Looking thru the menu's I found a place I'd love to try - the Boulangerie Patisserie in France. Have mercy, they just have TOO MUCH to choose from!
    I know this is last minute but I did want to let you know I won't be there tonite. Both the kids stayed home sick and I'm not feeling well either. Sorry!
    We have eaten at Boatwrights. I think it was for lunch and I do believe it was pretty good. I like the idea of taking the boat to DTD though, that sounds like fun. I think we'll figure it out then but we have a few options out there now. It's exciting to think that we have something to still pick when we get there.

    I was looking at the menus for the places we've already chosen and was going to look at the reviews but had to go make dinner. I don't think we should let reviews sway us too much. Plus you know how that goes, take them with a grain of salt. Unless of course the rating is 1/2 a star, then maybe we should consider it! Lol...
    That could work out eating late at a hotel since we will be having a late lunch. But you are right if we eat at a hotel we'll have to take a bus to the TTC or a park to get back to POFQ. We can plan on it but if it doesn't work out or we change our minds it's all good, we can play it by ear. That's just how we roll!.
    I had a thought - I was typing up our schedule on my computer and I thought that on Sat. if we are done in the park by dinner time maybe we could go to a hotel for dinner. Maybe the new AoA and their new food court or any other hotel to check out. I think all the hotels have a food court place that wouldn't be as expensive as a sit-down place. The AKL would also be awesome to check out. I've never seen that hotel and I'm dying to. I never had an interest in the WL till I watched the vacation DVD, that would be cool, too. Any you'd like to check out?

    Or another idea would be to go check out some hotels but eat at DTD. Earl of Sandwich is awesome and as much grumblings I've heard about Planet Hollywood, Tristan and I really enjoyed our meal there.

    What do you think?
    We absolutely we have to get together for lunch again! I enjoy going out and having great coversation (even stuff NOT about Disney, LOL!).

    Oh man, $85! Was that on sale? Holy cow, I don't know if I could've broke down and paid that much, lol. It would definitely have to be the deal of a lifetime.

    I feel so sad about Whitney Houston. I was suprised to hear she was only 48, she was looking a little rough there in the end. I saw that they think she took Xanax and possibly drowned. How awful. Amy Winehouse was only 27 though. She made the "27 club" of performers who all died at 27 - Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain.
    Lunch today was awesome! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I wonder if we'll have to eventually redo our whole itinerary once the EMH's come out, lol. Oh well, if so we'll be forced to have lunch again!
    I had issues w/ how long it took my post to load so it accidentally posted twice & I didn't think that message went thru so I wrote another one and it repeated my last line. Weird.

    So glad it's Friday! Definitely looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and start some serious planning! We might be at that table for HOURS! Lol....
    Sean's got a busy day tomorrow. After school he's going to the 5th grade Valentine's Day dance, then to ASP, then to the game. Since everything is taking place at school once he leaves in the morning he won't be home till about 9 pm. Loooong day for him.

    One more day closer to planning!
    Sean's got a busy day tomorrow. After school he's going to the 5th grade Valentine's Day dance, then to ASP, then to the game. Since everything is taking place at school once he leaves in the morning he won't be home till about 9 pm. Loooong day for him.

    One more day closer to planning!
    Yeah we also didn't like the fact that they honored the late fast passers! I mean we would get back when we were supposed to and then people who did whatever they want could go in ahead of us? We more than welcome this change!

    Led doesn't really handle emotional stuff well so I bet he'll be glad to get home. Hopefully he gets home on time cause he's supposed to go with Sean & the Mustang Academy to a KSU basketball game tomorrow night.
    I'm doing terrible and guess what? I remembered what last nights meeting was supposed to be about - getting back on track! Last week I thought - great, I need that! And I missed it. Dang it. Maybe I can ask Jamie about it.

    Lee left today for TX. He should be back Fri. afternoon.

    Did you see the changes to Fastpass? Ooh, man is that going to make a lot of people mad! We always went within our timeframe. We didn't use Fastpass a ton, though mostly because the wait times were never really bad. I bet we see more threads complaining about people experiencing that change, LOL.

    Looking forward to Sat!!
    Ok, Sat. @ noon! Sounds great!

    Yeah, I feel bad that I can't go because I really, really liked her but. Between school & work it just won't work out. Plus Lee will get a chance to spend some time with his brother.

    Oops! I ate 4 cookies at work. I need to get back on track for mext week! oOo
    Sat. sounds great! What time?

    Well I won't be going to the meeting tonight because Lee is flying to TX tomorrow for his Aunt's funeral. So I'm gonna make dinner and help him pack.

    Not much else going on really. Sean might start going to ASP on Tuesdays so I won't be there as early as I used to.
    Yes, I did get the choc. covered fortune cookies at Target, they have 3 different types plus choc. covered almonds, strawberries and cherries.

    I picked the Patriots using the simple strategy of who had the better looking quarterback. Didn't pan out too well for me though.

    Oh I am so bummed you won't be there tomorrow! Oh well, next week. Let me know whenever you might want to get together to start planning! I just cannot contain myself, really!
    I am SO looking forward to planning our trip! I love doing that. It will be the first time I've ever planned with someone else cause I do it all for my family and when my dad and Barb went with us they left it all to me, too. We decided after our last trip to never do EMH's again. You and SeaCastle both warned me and we paid the price, LOL! So, never again.

    I have so many restaurants I LOVE that it would take too long to list them. Maybe we should get together again with a Passporter and go from there. I know there are a lot of counters we really like so that should be easy.

    Having a so/so week. I didn't track today but I will when I go downstairs.
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