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Where in The World?


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Let's see how everyone does with this one. Its a crop of a larger image, if its too difficult I will give everyone the full image to help identify. Don't want to give it away too quickly!

View attachment 523365
An excellent painting, but the artist sure didn't know anything about knots. It looks like it is supposed to be a square knot but it isn't even close to that .


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Can we get a hint? This one is proving tough; nothing I can think of ends up coming close.
Goofyernmost was in the right park (Epcot) just the wrong place. Thousands of people walk by this every day but most don't even look at it....


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is this the entrance sign to the land pavilion?
Yes, that's it.
OK, who's next?

Pepper's Ghost

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Geez, you guys are ridiculously good at this game. Here's another one. Maybe I've giving too much, but I have to give a little context or it's unfair... :)

Okay, changed my mind and took a little context away. 🤣

IMG_1179 WiDG.jpg

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