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Where in The World?


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I'm only mildly embarrassed at the amount of time I spent looking at the roofs of buildings in pictures across WDW. ☺️🤓
OK Pot, the Kettle is right here with you. ;)
But is is fun trying to figure them out. I will admit to using google earth 3d trying to find some of them. Tuvalu's sky writer really had me for a while until I matched the lightposts in a photo! I have plenty of time though; my wife and I are both in recovery from Covid (light cases thankfully) so there isn't much else to do.
I only have a few left that I can do this with. 95% of my photos are "family" photos.
I will post another one after someone else has a chance to twist our minds.


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Alright, I'll give it a go. I didn't realize what a wonky angle this whole picture had until I snipped part of it out, but hopefully it still works.

@DisAl Wishing you and your wife a speedy recovery!


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