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Pepper's Ghost
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  • Hey don't look at me! I'm only an occasional fan. :lookaroun

    I wish I had recorded the game so I could watch it, but from I heard the Giants played terribly. Were they really *that* bad? If so, I'll apologize on the IGiants' behalf.
    Leo! Hayyy. I'm Kenzie haha. And tiaragirls? Me, my friend, and my cousin went to Disney (with my fam) in '08. We had on our tiaras (Jasmine for me, so obviously the best princess) and went on TOT so many times that the CM - Jason started saying 'oh, the tiara girls are back!'. Disney moment.. and so, it stuck!

    And we totally were on an Air Canada flight, ahha.. you Americans need to embrace the game!
    Nah, you're fine. :lol: How have the Bears recently compared to recent years? Are they another one of those Chicago teams that can't win a championship? :lookaroun

    Apparently the New Jersey Nets had one of the worst records in NBA history this past season, but apparently some rich Russian guy bought them up and is trying to make them into a world class team. To quote the Carousel of Progress, "it's never gonna work". :lol:
    Hhaha based on your favourite Habs story, I would guess that you're not a Habs fan =P And as for Toronto.. God love Cameron, he'll be a die-hard until the day he dies, even if TO doesn't win a cup in our lifetime. It's just one of those things.

    I was glad to see the Hawks win this year, even though they beat out the Canuks (not that I'm all about Vanc, but they were the only Canadian team still in it at the time). We were actually flying back from Disney (me and the girls) when Chicago and Vancouver were playing one of their games! The pilot kept giving us updates.. even though it was 11PM. But yes, seeing Toews and the boys take 'er home was nice =)

    What's your name, Ghostie? Since we have bonded over hockey, I feel introductions can be necessary =)
    My sentiments exactly. (Even though a few of their stars are aging...Derek Jeter's getting up there.)

    Your Bears story reminds me a lot of the Giants today. :ROFLOL: We wound up sitting next to the *big* Giants fans...the drunk older ones that critique every move they make and think that they can run the game better than the coaches do. Do you guys have those diehard fans up in Chicago? I was always under the impression New Yorkers take their sports too seriously.

    It was a great game, we sat in the top row in the nosebleed section, so I got a totally different perspective. When a play was made at the opposite end of the field, you can see the crowd move and react and ripple out like a wave until it hit our section. The only part I remember about the Giants super bowl was that the Giants made a great play in the final couple minutes, which made me escatic. :D
    :lol: Gotta agree there. I was (is) a Houston Astros fan for a while (before they started doing well, a few years ago) but I haven't kept track of them in a while. Despite everyone around me being Yankees fan, I remain adamantly against the Yankees. I'll go to a few games, but there's something about them that just irks me. :lol: I've been trying to follow baseball again, but I don't have enough time anymore.

    Just today I went to the New York Giants opening game, and now I feel like I have an impetus to have me follow the team. Are you a Bears fan?
    My pleasure! I do believe you are the first person I've "met" from Chicago...small world! :lol:

    I used to go to a few of their games but was never really a "fan". (My definition of a fan is someone who knows all of the players and can intelligently discuss the team...I can't do that for any team!)
    I believe you shared the PUSH the Trashcan video (who is back at the MK...!) but I didn't see the one of the area. Unfortunately, I've only been on Stitch's Great Escape once. We always somehow "skip" over it. Accidentally, of course. :lookaroun
    I know it's a bit late, but thank you very much for the images you provided in the Stitch's Great Escape extended queue thread!
    Hahah it's fine! I love friendly people, I'm a Cape Bretoner! I'm also a hugger, for future reference.

    Looove hockey, my family are all fans. I'm not really about a specific team, but I suppose you could call me a Habs fan. Dad loves MTL, and that's what I grew up watching ;) My boyfriend and grandparents, however, are die hard Toronto fans. Mostly I'll cheer for the Canadians.. I loveee world hockey though. Olympics/World Juniors.

    Where are you from that people don't know what hockey is, hahhaa =)
    Well, hi back :)

    Hahha me and C's last bus ride picture was indeed quite sad.. usually we're too sad for a Magical Express picture, though there are usually plenty on the first ride!

    All about the hockey, Darling =)

    How are yaa?
    Just adding some color to my profile page. :D

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