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Where in The World?


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Plaza restaurant?
That’s it!



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Cripes! I thought for sure someone would guess something BTMR first. Yep!
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It was not that it wasn't a challenge, I am just old enough to remember when it was new.
Back in the day when there was only the Magic Kingdom we had to walk 4 miles uphill both ways in thunderstorms (no snow...) just to get from the parking lot to the MK entrance and back! And in 1971 a seven ride "Adventure Ticket" cost an outrageous $4.50!!! ;)
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Let's see how everyone does with this one. Its a crop of a larger image, if its too difficult I will give everyone the full image to help identify. Don't want to give it away too quickly!



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No fair. 50% of us would not be able to correctly guess this. 😉
Don't feel bad, I can get into the mens room but never recalled, other then knowing that toilets flushed and hand soap was available, what details were in the bathroom. When in there I usually have other more important agenda's on my mind.


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Mural in the men’s room at Trail’s End.
That is downright impressive, my hat is off to you!

I'm still trying to figure out if I'm actually going to go to WDW this weekend or not, but if I do, I'm obviously going to have to take some obscure pictures to stump this group.


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No fair. 50% of us would not be able to correctly guess this. 😉
I know lol! Sorry! I stumbled across this mural in the bathroom a few years ago and thought it was too cool not to share! It has led me to look for other pieces of art/decorations in the bathrooms around property. Impressively there are a lot of neat things to find!... well in the men's room anyway! I know its a weird pastime! lol

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