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Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?


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I suppose all NEW stuff is actually as you say. There were cheaper laptops that were Windows 10 S. I asked what the difference was between 10 Home and 10 S. I was told S stands for Safe Mode. Windows 10 Home would be better for a college student. We only owned a Windows 7 laptop so I had no choice but to come to my daughter's rescue and get her something new. I hope she is good to go until her college graduation😉
When DS started college he had to have a MacBook Pro for his major - cost us close to $2000. DD's we bought through her school for about $250.


You’re nothing. But not to me.
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We pay for the plate renewal stickers on everybody’s cars. Boys were prorated up to their birthdays next year (as the cars used to be in our names and plated to us), plus one additional year. Mike and I always pay for the full two year renewal, because who really wants to go (to the Canadian version of the DMV) any more than they have to?

$900 for stickers and $68.29 ($50 USD) for my WDWMAGIC premium membership renewal.

Expensive day. And no shiny new laptop to show for it. 🙁
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