Where in the World Isn't Bob Saget?


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Food pics for @trr1 :

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Okay, guess which beverage is mine.
(I did a bit of a princess thing. When I asked for a refill, I requested a glass. Life is too short to drink out of plastic cups.)
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Irish egg rolls. Sooooo good, but very greasy. I ate one. Could have eaten all six quite frankly.
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Potato and leek soup. Could have been hotter. Mike ate most of it.
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Ostensibly mine, but I shared.
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He almost always gets fish and chips. I swiped a fry and dipped it in the tartar sauce. Holy horseradish, Batman!
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Mine. Very good, but I wasn’t overly hungry. Mike ate the corn; brought 3/4 home for the Ski. I think he’s sleeping though, and I’m actually a little hungry now, so ....
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that's a fancy 5 Guys


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No offence Bestie, but you’re really not that good at the live trip report thing. Just saying.

It takes a special kind of dedication ... no kids needing your attention ... and a “potty break” every 6 minutes.
How did you rate my "live" TR?

Andrew C

You know what's funny?
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Titanic stuff at the restaurant:

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This should absolutely be called an “apothecary”!
How gorgeous is this?
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More from around town. @Andrew C will concur - Niagara on the Lake is one of the prettiest towns ever.
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Truth. So beautiful down there. So relaxing.


This is getting old fast, Dolores. Knock it off.
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