When was your first trip to Disney?


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August 1977...6 years old. Before Fastpass, DVC kiosks, ECV's and got to ride 20,000 leagues, skyway and Mr Toads Wild Ride...don't hate me, but envy is OK MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!:happy:


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Parents say summer of '73 as a baby...There's a picture of me at the Luau in '76 which I might remember that one or another later '70s Luau...


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Magic Kingdom 1971. I was 2. I remember staying at the Contemporary. My parents wanted to stay at the "Polynesian", but there were no rooms available. I remember the "sky ride", 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ( I was scared to death), Pirates ( I was also scared to death of the cannons), Haunted Mansion ( scared of the wolf howling, but loved the hitch-hiking ghosts), the train, and my favorite It's a Small World!
Didn't go again until 1983 Freshman Year Band Trip. I don't really remember much of that trip. Then only went to EPCOT for the year 2000 celebration ( loved Tapestry of Nations Parade). Went again in 2007, Christmas trip whole family w/ my Mom & Dad ( boys were 3) stayed at All Star Music Suite. I was hooked! We've been every year since then! I hope we can go this year 2014 to celebrate the boys' 10th Birthday, and my 45th!:joyfull:


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Mine was in mid-May 1989, and I was 5 years old. I went with my mom and grandmother. We stayed at the Grand Floridian. I don't remember it, but I'm sure it was fun :)

When was your first trip to Disney?
Nice topic...1994, my uncle lived in Miami at the time so my mom and I came to visit him from Brazil and he bought a package for us to go by bus from Miami to Orlando, we stayed at a Days Inn off International Drive and they would take us to the parks every day and back at the end of the day...we missed all of the night shows and fireworks because the bus got back at like 6 or 7.
It was fun, that year it was cold in Orlando we definitely needed more than just a sweatshirt! lol


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If you don't count my visit in utero in 1975, my first post-birth visit was in 1983. My sister was 5 and I was 7. We drove down in our big old Chevy van. The van bears some mention, as it had NO WINDOWS in the back except for tiny ones in the rear doors, trimmed with fancy drapes with tassled tiebacks, and blue velvet rear seats that my father had inexplicably bolted to the floor facing BACKWARDS, because he thought that a back-to-back arrangement would make all four seats safer in a crash (!??!). My sister and I spent the entire 21-hour drive striving to avoid going stir crazy inside the van's wood-paneled interior, listening to Mom and Dad's Abba, Kenny Rogers and Tammy Wynette 8-tracks. The van had a booth-style table and benches in the back which could be quickly folded down into a bed, and in those days before seatbelt laws, my sister, Mom and I actually ate meals, played board games and did puzzles on the table as Dad drove, or even folded the table down and took naps in our "new" used sleeping bags, purchased specifically for the trip to WDW.

Behind the van we towed a used pop-up camper, destined for Fort Wilderness Campground. Once we set up and unpacked, the next 4 days were a nonstop blur of awesome attractions at the Magic Kingdom and this new place called Epcot Center. We returned to the camper every afternoon for a lunch of cold sandwiches, chips and fruit, and a nap, and then went back to a park to explore, with our dinner in my Mom's purse in a paper bag. (Buying food in the parks was decidedly not in our shoestring budget, but we didn't feel we were missing anything.) Other than showing up at rope drop, we knew no touring tricks beforehand -- we just figured them out as we went.

Every morning in the campground, I was awakened by the call of some kind of squawking bird. I so enjoyed those early WDW trips that to this day, when I hear that bird call (we must have them around here too, as I still hear them occasionally), my heart leaps with anticipation.


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My next trip this March will be my 8th with my fiancé since '09 but my first was Feburary 2006, I was 18. Went with my older (by 20yrs) brother and his family. His eldest son was also 18 so the 2 of us would stick with the family in the morning/afternoon and then do our own thing in the evening/night. It was the week the cheerleader compition was being held there, it became a very extra magical week for some lol.


Mine was 1976 I was 6 months old. I have photos of people crowding mickey walking on main street with me in the mix in a stroller. I have now been there so many times I cannot count!

But my most magical trip was 1989 when I went the MGM Studios and it was then I decided to go to art college and pursue animation. Although I only minored in it in the end I still work in the arts as an Art Director/Senior Graphic Designer.


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Technically, some time in 1986, but I was stowed away in my Mom's belly :D
But I didn't return in full-functioning form until November 2010. Since then, being local AP, we've made numerous day trips, often about every other weekend.

No, it hasn't gotten old yet. Maybe some day, but so far, we just feel blessed to live so close to such an awesome place!


WDW - November 1971. We were living close enough for a day trip. Enjoyed the sky ride and 20,000 Leagues too. DL - 1984 when we were living 45 minutes from Anaheim. My husband had a business trip to DL in 1965 so he got there long before the kids and I did.


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October 1987. I was three years old, and I remember veeerrrry little. We stayed at the Contemporary. I do have some fuzzy memories, but they are likely just me remembering seeing the pictures from the trip, haha. I have a lot more memories from my next trip, which was 1990, I believe. We stayed at the Polynesian that time and, given that I was 6 years old, I remember being blown away that you could get room service pizza. Yes, I was an easy child to impress.


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2007. At the time I was coaching high school quizbowl at my alma mater and by virtue of winning our state championship, we won the right to compete as Team Ohio at the Panasonic Academic Challenge, hosted at the Contemporary. We repeated as state champs and as team Ohio in 2008. (We finished tied for 7th in the country both times) I've gone at least one (twice in 2008) every year since then except 2011.


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July 2004, I was 16. My sisters were 9 and 4. My mum and stepdad were there too, we stayed off site in the Ameri Suites on I Drive.

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My first visit was March 2008 when I traveled to WDW with the high school marching band. There is truly something awesome about marching down Main Street in the morning parade and seeing the castle right in front of you for the very first time. Needless to say that kind of got me hooked. ;)


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1978 when I moved to Orlando. Loved MK right from the start. Strolled through EPCOT Center when it first opened. Missed some years thanks to the military, and my DW and I are now DVC owners who travel there 2-3 times every year.


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October 1998 - took our son for his first trip at the age of 11 (well 10 when we left home but 11 when we got back), and are going for our 6th trip in October this year!

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