What's the best WDW secret you know?


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They are paid by the hour, whether people are getting soda or water. If Disney installed water fountain bottle fillers it wouldn't be necessary to "bother" the cms
Every time I go to a kiosk on a hot day, they already have at least 10 cups of ice water filled and ready to hand out. They do it either way. I am not carrying a water bottle all day, personally. lol

also: I've seen people wash all kinds of disgusting things in the "regular" water fountains- no way am I drinking out of them!


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Magic Kingdom: not really a secret but apparently most people start their day going right from the hub into Tomorrowland and not at Adventureland (that why the bridge to Tomorrowland is wider and bigger than the one to Adventureland) so if you want short waits try starting at Adventureland and make your way over to Tomorrowland last!
I can’t attest to this. Usually can do everything in Adventureland and Frontierland including Haunted Mansion before lunch using no fast passes. Actually we go through Liberty Square to HM then down the lake to Splash and Thunder. All usually have a wait under 20 minutes. Then I to Adventureland and Pirates is about the same wait. This allows you to use fast passes for 3-5 for the big rides and cooling off in a show or two.
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