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What's the best WDW secret you know?

Beacon Joe

Well-Known Member
There is a phone number a cast member can call and when they give the phone to a little kid, there is Mickey or Goofy on a recorded wishing the child a happy birthday.

I totally forgot about the birthday greeting thing. We did that when we took a surprise birthday trip for the kids. IIRC, when setting up a birthday cake with Disney catering, they asked if we wanted a birthday call from Mickey. The message popped up into our room's voicemail a few minutes after we checked into our room. The kids were already in middle school, but it made them smile.

Diamond Dot

Active Member
The hallways of Kidani Village and Animal Kingdom Lodge are like museums of Traditional African art, I spent an entire morning wandering around looking at Kidani Village and still don't think I saw it all. Wilderness Lodge is also wonderful to wander around.


Well-Known Member
This thread is pretty old, but popped up in my email today, so here goes.

The whole water thing is such a pet peeve of mine. Drink the free cups of ice water, for heaven sakes!

There are great phone charging plugs located around the parks. A favorite spot is by tables inside Gaston’s Tavern.

They used to give you gift cards for foregoing Mousekeeping. Not sure if they still do. We stayed at Pop Century & I was given around $60. I used the card at Uptown Jewelers & purchased a Pandora charm. They will still provide clean towels & empty trash cans. Also, you get more coffee supplies on request.

Let pushy people rush ahead of you when entering theater attractions. That way you can end up in the center seats. They will make you move down otherwise/if you try to go directly to center. I always love doing this, bc people tend to want to be first. Let them.

You can get a cute Lady & the Tramp “autograph” (paw prints) if you hand the receptionist at Tony’s Town Square restaurant.

Go to Peter Pan’s Flight late in the evening when the line is low & check out the interactive full line that you miss if you do fast pass (sorry, I know that has changed).

The bathroom before you go into Figment/Imagination ride is almost always empty.

Check morning of dining reservations. You can often find openings last minute.

I miss Disney. I haven’t been in going on four years now. We went every year for approx 16 years. Loved Magical Express, Fastpass+ and Pop Century prior to reno & the skyline.

Oh & The People Mover used to be a hidden in plain sight gem. You could get on there & go round several times. Lately it seems to have been re-discovered & has long lines.

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