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What was the best part of your last trip??


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Last trip was November / December 2016. My beautiful wife and I were celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Disney honeymoon.
We were able to stay in a deluxe for the first time (Contemporary loved it). Got to eat at all the restaurants that we wouldn't normally
eat at when you have kids with you. My favorite was California Grill, my wife thoroughly enjoyed them all. We did Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and loved it. We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour and thought it was fantastic. The very best part though was being
able to spend a week with wife in Disney World.


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My last trip was a day trip to epcot last Sunday. The best part was seeing ROE from the FastPass viewing location.

slappy magoo

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Technically not my last trip, but my last trip with my wife and kids (did a 50 hour trip a few months later to see my niece march down Main St. With her school band, but kids had school. Darn).
My youngest was juuuuust tall enough to ride Space Mtn. My wife was panicky about it. I sat in Seat 5, reaching up to hold older daughters shoulder in Seat 4 and "holding back" little one in Seat 6 to keep wife calm. Little one went bananas, singing "I DID IT! SPACE MOUNTAIN! UH-HUH-UH! I DID IT!" Freakin hilarious


Our favorite could be a number of things, but #1 is when a CM took it upon themselves, as we are decked out in our Ducktales gear meeting Scrooge, Launchpad and anyone else in Dino gear, to surprise our 3 year old with a Webby Doll. The look on her face and the way she has still not let that doll go is why we love Disney. Totally unexpected and filled us all with complete joy! Definitely our favorite moment!


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Our last trip was in May. It's all about spending time with my wife and daughter. She's about to begin her junior year in college so who knows exactly how many of these family trips we'll be able to enjoy together. We were able to stay at the AKL for the first time which was such a special experience. We always have such a great time when we visit, and it's something we really look forward to. Our next trip is being planned for May of 2020 when the daughter graduates from college. We're going to do a combination cruise and park stay. I'm sure it will be quite the celebration vacation!


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Last trip was April '16 for our Disneymoon and we had the most amazing two weeks - packed full of memories. Wearing the Happily Ever After badges was brilliant as we had some great interactions with the amazing cast members but also with random park guests also which took us by surprise every single time that happened. One of the highlights though has to be Club Villian ... after eating, drinking a few and interacting with the villains - to be dancing in a private party to the Spice Girls in a Walt Disney World theme Park was something really surreal for a 90's kid! :inlove:
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Greg in TN

As much fun as the whole thing is, the best part of most of my trips has been walking from our room in Caribbean Beach Resort, to Old Port Royale, early in the morning, sitting on the deck by the fountain, drinking my coffee, watching the sun come up, and the resort itself wake up as people come by with their multiple re-fillable mugs to get coffee. All this before heading back to our room, and waking my wife & kids up so we can get to a park before rope-drop. This most recent trip, we weren't able to stay @ Caribbean Beach Resort, so we stayed at Coronado Springs. A little different vibe, but still the best part of the trip -- walking from our room early in the morning, sitting by the lake front, drinking coffee, watching the sun come up and the resort wake up. Wish I was back there right now.


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It was our Halloween trip. We were eating candy corn ice cream and just chilling. Something about that evening, looking around at my joyful family in the decorated park snarfing ice cream is just stuck in my head. I hope I can feel it forever.

Something about evenings at the park, after a long wonderful day, just makes everything perfect.

Getting to beta test the Brave area before it was officially open was pretty cool too.


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.....early in the morning, sitting on the deck by the fountain, drinking my coffee, watching the sun come up, and the resort itself wake up as people come by with their multiple re-fillable mugs to get coffee.....
I enjoy the other end of the day - staying in Epcot past IllumiNations, after the crowds have raced for the exits, and just strolling around World Showcase with almost no one else around!

Mark Dunne

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So, as most of us here see, there is a large group of folks who thought Disney was 1000 times better back in the day, and there are a large group of us who wonder why folks still go when they come back and either just complain or compare it to 19____. So I thought maybe that's the disconnect, maybe it's because all we hear is how magical it was XYZ years ago and how terrible it is today, that we wonder why people go back.

So thinking back on your last trip, what was good or magical? if anything? when was it (trip)?

Next trip, end of August

I'll start, my last trip was in April with 3 of my best friends (35 years, met in college, sorority sisters) .
Most magical experience: Wild African trek and dinner at Le Chefs france.
WAT was awesome!!!
Nice post , last year November, just the wife and I, amazing time, going again this year October, can’t wait , every time I get to Epcot I feel all warm and snuggles , (sorry , I am 48 years old) it’s just great, we like to take the boat to the broad walk or HS , nice change from buses , 14 weeks and counting! He he he,
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