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What should NOT have been replaced?


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Horizons - I will always wonder why they got rid of this one.

Great Movie Ride - nothing against a new ride with MM, but just wish they utilized another empty lot instead of destroying GMR


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I remember the characters would walk around the park and interact with the kids, my boys loved it. I guess Disney saw another way to make a dollar and started character meals at various restaurants. IMO over charge for so so food. Thanks for jogging my memory I remember watching the ducks on the lawn too.
Meet and greets had a lot to do with the safety of the characters. It is a controlled environment.
Original Innoventions. Alec Tronic (Timekeeper's cousin removed?), Sum of All Thrills?, Bill Nye had a thing set up, Apple, and of course saving the best for last, Sega's huge exhibit with Sonic, all the consoles, and yeah Knuckles was featured too. (& KNUCKLES)