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What should NOT have been replaced?


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I haven't seen the Disneyland version but I read it's terrible compared to the WDW version.
I'll have to say...I think most are upset about the attraction changes for nostalgic reasons...but most of the changes I can think of were needed as far as a business standpoint...the majority of them that I know of had virtually no lines when they were replaced...I remember being one of very few people in the tiki room at the end...I also remember hopping on directly on WOM and horizons...with no line at all...the only ride that puzzles me is Mr. Toad...I seem to remember there always being a line...the only reason I can come up with is that due to pooh's popularity they wanted to add a pooh attraction, but one of the fantasy land rides would have to go...so since the majority of your average disney visitor has no idea who Mr. Toad is....I can't comment on alien encounter...I'm not sure how those lines were the past couple of years, but from what I have seen in other postersd comments...I would say it is the same case there.
Is Tiki gone??? Did I miss something?


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Is Tiki gone??? Did I miss something?
I suspect the comment refers to when Tiki left the first time and was replaced by "Under New Management". It didn't receive the same vitriol because this was when the Internet was not so prominent. A lot of fans did not enjoy it, though.


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I suspect the comment refers to when Tiki left the first time and was replaced by "Under New Management". It didn't receive the same vitriol because this was when the Internet was not so prominent. A lot of fans did not enjoy it, though.
Oh I remember that. It was horrendous. So grating on the news in comparison with the very soothing original. Phew. I was scared the classic was gone for good. We’ve somehow missed it on our last few trips. Seems like it was down/closed a few times. I love it!!!!


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It's not an in-park attraction, but I think getting rid of Disney Quest was a huge mistake. It could have used an upgrade, but shutting it down sucked. We only discovered DQ around 2005. After that, we made it a point to go there when they lowered the admission price around 8:00PM. We'd do that one evening. All of those 80's arcade games were incredible. Brought back many memories. My wife and kids would park themselves at the big screen four player Miss Pacman and play that for an hour !


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Great Movie Ride
World of Motion
Original Imagination
20,000 Leagues

Man, Disney has really butchered some great attractions over the years. Mickey’s Runaway Railway should have been a new build elsewhere to save Great Movie Ride. Mission Space should never have happened. I just don’t care for that ride. It’s a joke compared to Horizons. World of Motion was a fun ride, and probably my favorite on my first visit to Epcot. Test Track should’ve been an ADDITION to the pavilion...not a replacement. Imagination was fantastic at the beginning, horrible in its first redo, and now just relatively uncreative in its current incarnation. Ooh...20,000 Leagues...now there’s a classic that could’ve used a solid overhaul and kept on going. Always loved the story, loved the Nautilus, and loved the different ride system.


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I can understand why they replaced imagination, I just can't understand why they just didn't just update it especially with kodak's financial troubles.
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Mr Toad and Snow White’s Scary Adventure (was that the name?).

I feel like both Pooh and Princess Fairytale Hall certainly have their merits, but couldn’t they have gone elsewhere. Could they have bumped out the back of New Fantasyland?

And speaking of which: RIP Mickey and Minnie’s Country homes in Toontown Fair. Kids were nuts about those. Certainly low key and low maintenance.

Original Figment for sure! It was so much better.

Original Soarin’!!!! I need my orange scent fix. That one brought me so much joy. This new version just doesn’t cut it.

At the risk of being attacked & I recognize how dated it was for many reasons, but I liked visiting Ellen’s Energy thingy, if I had time to kill. Or dare I say fuel to burn?

Okay. I’ll stop.

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Which attraction should NOT have been replaced?
The OG Journey into Imagination
Horizons (duh)
The Timekeeper
WoM (Motion at Epcot)
Cranium Command
Sum of all Thrills
Great Movie Ride
Lights! Motors! Action! I like that ride
Discovery Island (still sitting there today)
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