What should NOT have been replaced?


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For a long time I mourned the loss of Horizons, but today I really don't want to see it back. As amazing as and as influential as it was, I really don't want to see it revived today. I almost relish that it was torn down and not updated like UofE before its demise, the Living Seas, or Journey into Imagination. I know if it was still around it wouldn't be the same attraction, and would probably be themed with Pixar characters that would break my heart.

I don't want Horizons back, but I long for a ride that inspires the next generation the way Horizons inspired me. That's what I want instead of the re-hashed Horizons we never saw. I want a new attraction that lights up the curiosity of the next generation and inspires them to dream it and to do it.
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The only notable extinct attraction I’ve been around to experience in any meaningful capacity is The Great Movie Ride (I was born in 2000) and I was devastated when it closed. I truly think it could’ve been updated and continued to entertain future generations. MMRR, while a fun ride that I do enjoy, just doesn’t make me feel the same way GMR did. I think there was a way for both to coexist, but that was obviously something Disney didn’t want to consider

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