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What part of an attraction would you pick to get stuck at?

The Empress Lilly

Well-Known Member
- Just about anywhere on the Safari. I always wish I had more time than 'pointyercameras-click-go'.
- The White Room in Small World. Yes, seriously. I can watch those puppets spin to that song all day long.
- The Teacups! With the engines running! Oh boy, to spin all day long!


Well-Known Member
For thrills i would choose to get stuck going up and down on Tower of Terror, besides that I would like to get stuck on TSMM with the game running and rack up an unprecendent score!


Active Member
got stuck on top of Everest when you stop to go backwards. They had us walk down the stairwell inside the mountain. It was pretty cool to see the interior. The exit door took us just past the yeti near the exit so we didn't get to walk by him. Nonetheless still cool experience.


Well-Known Member
I've been stuck on, and evacuated of the TTA, on one of the outdoor sections, where it sorta runs parallell with the train tracks! That was lots of fun!
I've also been stuck on Ellen (that sounds wrong) - we didn't get evacuated though, it was right before the dino fight!

I would love to get stuck anywhere on splash! pirates, HM.... anywhere with stuff to look at!


Active Member
Can I choose to get stuck in a princess meet and greet? Thats is where I would like to be. Ahhh an evening with all of my ladies. Bliss. Maybe they could bring some puffed french toast in case we got hungry though ;)


Active Member
Small world.....love to punishment myself...just kidding. Anywhere in the haunted mansion
I was actually stuck in the graveyard scene in the HM. There are only so many times a guy can hear "Grim Grinning Ghosts" in a row before he breaks. Then they turned the lights on for us to exit. Sheesh talk about disillusionment.


Well-Known Member
- - The Teacups! With the engines running! Oh boy, to spin all day long!

That might kill me :p


Active Member
That's the perfect answer....I didn't even think of that. That would be amazing.

:) this actually happened to my family and me and you are correct it was amazing.it was about 5 years ago and we still talk about every time we ride splash and hope it happens again but like everything it was purely random but one of the best memories we have of all our trips to the kingdom.

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