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What did you do?


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2M on the treadmill again. Little faster than last time. Still recovering from my injury. 10K in 15 days is really going to hurt.
Take it slow, then, during the race. Which you'll need to do anyway with highs in the 80s race weekend.


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Just under two miles yesterday morning in a group training. I really had to force myself out of bed to go because we took a quick trip to DLP for an after hours event Friday night and we were back home by 10 pm Saturday night 😀


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On the road again last week, yet again another hotel with no gym. Broke down and went for a run outside one AM, was only 35 and I didn't have my cold weather gear, but it was worth it. Always interesting to run in Europe, some of those cobblestones are a pain though. Still not pushing it on the TM, 1@9ish today plus another 15 mins on bike.

Mr mom

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beautiful day today, mid 30's and sunny, great for running. Was going to do my normal run and at first did not feel like doing more than that but after about 5 miles, said screw it and kept going a steady but solid 8.5 miles
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